Present play…

This weekend has been about making brooches for 3 of my beautiful nieces. The family has a lot of its birthdays in April, May and June. The designs are getting stronger as I play with how to add embellishments and crystals. Each piece was aimed to link to the favorite color for each niece. Tar dis blue for Naomi…love how she created her own Dr Who fan based color name. Lapis Lazuli was the obvious choice but ended up playing with a few possibilities and making one that clearly was staying in my collection. I also realised that I preferred the closed eye image but of course that is preference. Abi was orange and red so carnelian was obvious. I also added a second smaller green stone as a head piece. I do like the impact of this. Asha was blue and green and also is anaturalist and studying birds so I added a humming bird for joy. Honestly can’t remember the name of the large green stone but it felt right. I added a smaller piece of turquoise for its lovely protective energy.

It was a lot of fun adding the details. I am using Golden’s quinacridone nickel azo gold high flow acrylic as a light base. Of course it is wiped back so it becomes a thin layer.. I used Golden’s primary magenta for the Reds,  Sepia high flow acrylics in the hair and line details and turquoise pthalo.

Of course these brooches are part of my earth spirit series. These are gentle, protective energies that tend to have an ageless feeling.

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