Solo Exhibition showcase

Breathe Space 2b


I am a spiritual intuitive artist and this exhibition focuses on creating mixed media art inspiration through whimsical images of animal guides and empowered women. I views art as a mindful space of visual storytelling invite you to step into these art story openings and connect to your own breathing space. This post is another way to share the journey of my solo show ‘Breathe’ and an invitation for you to find your own stories as you explore the exhibition in its virtual form below.

Exhibiting my art at Space2b Artspace is such an exciting adventure and there are so many things to organise along the way. I am creating this post as a display of everything that is there although I never did document the 26 wearable art brooches but will include the dreaming tree so you get the idea. This is the largest art exhibition I have ever done with 39 paintings, 10 small owl sculptures and 26 wearable art brooches. It is an exciting adventure as I get ready for the 2 workshops that I am running at Space2b Artspace during the exhibition. Every day seems to be a new learning and a new part in this art business adventure. I am so grateful to all the people who have supported me as I develop my art practice and grow into the artist I have always been..

A journey around a gallery space

Imagine that you are walking into the gallery at Space2b and you pass through the shop and are surrounded by all these colourful paintings of women and animal guides. You start to explore the space, travelling through the gallery from the left wall and following it around. You pause sometimes to spend a little longer with a piece that you particularly like and then you continue exploring. You move into the back room and see the walls covered in larger pieces with women and animal guides. You continue around the room and move into the front room again. You reach the last wall at the front of the gallery space which is covered in smaller pieces and in the middle is a small alter covered in muslin with small owl sculptures and a wire tree covered in lots of wearable art jewellery, You are fascinated by the details and look closely at one of the pieces that you particularly like. You remember that their is a last piece displayed in the gallery window facing into the shop. You move into the shop and look at the owl family painting and smile

It is a wonderful space to explore so if you get a chance do go and visit and get lost in the joy of art immersion.

All the pieces below are for sale at Spae2b Artspace until September 29th 2018. Sold art works are marked and commissions for a piece on the desired theme or as high quality gicclee prints on requests.

The works above are in the first room on the left hand wall. As you walk into the back space there are a few smaller pieces but this is primarily the bigger pieces. Imagine you have walked into the gallery and are exploring the exhibition as you walk into the back section of the gallery and see the colours and feel the energy of these girls.

I would love to know which piece is your favourite. I believe that art carries stories and the piece that speaks to you holds something of your story waiting for you to connect.

As we wander back into the front section of the Space2b Artspace gallery you will see an eclectic wall of smaller art pieces and my small alter piece with my brooch tree.

Silent Auction

I volunteer at Space2b Artspace and feel that their support of refugee and new arrivals is such an important cause as they support them in setting up their creative businesses. I have donated my Home painting to Space2b as a silent auction piece. Throughout the exhibition, people can bid on this piece  on the bidding sheet. At the end of the exhibition the piece will go “Home” with the winning bidder.


Home is the piece I donated for the silent Auction. Make a bid.

I do hope you have enjoyed your tour. I will need to update as 3 of the small paintings are not included and I will add another gallery with owl sculptures and some of the brooches. My upload quota for the site just said enough…

It is lovely to be able to share these art stories with you. I am also running 2 workshops at Space2b Artspace during the exhibition and would love you to join me if you desire space to create and connect with your intuition as you create art.

I do hope you are finding creative spaces in your world that fill you up and bring you joy

Love and blessings


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