To step beyond the known, into the wilds...

To step beyond the known, into the wilds…

We all have wings...

We all have wings…

Sometimes when you approach a work and starts to take shape but it is not quite there, you have to take a leap into the unknown to create something fresh.  My w

She dances into her possibilities.

She dances into her possibilities.

ork is intuitive and I listen for inspiration. As I look back at her starting point and the caption, I realise that she was always about breaking boundaries. Paying attention to the prompts, the whispered directions I moved forward. I added the red sewing thread and the gold thread material. It was not there yet and I was not sure where to jump. I got my fan brush and lightly brushed across the face to obscure areas. I then went back and drew in with grey lead pencil. The effect was pleasing but she desperately needed contrast and yes she is now from the front. I decided to use the transfer ‘imagine’ and from there I could allow myself to play. I had given up my previous conceptions of the work and was listening. Turquoise blue lines through the hair, a distressed boarder, washi  tape and a few swirls allowed the contrast play to emerge. I felt liked I had found a different technique the moment I covered the face in feathered lines. The trick is to remember to allow. That may sound easy but it is one of the hardest things to do. To just say ‘okay’ and let whatever takes shape to be. That allowing of the transience, the push and pull of creation and the moment of choice to stay true to your initial idea or step beyond and move in a new direction…be brave, imagine because there are so many possibilities..

I added a couple more works I developed for the CAS exhibition and more experimenting. I am enjoying my pallet paintings as I search for whatever imagery takes shape.


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