Australian Bush Artcalendar info

Sharing my 2021 calendar and am delighted with the results. This calendar is full of our unique wildlife in their environment. A lovely way to bring the joy of connecting to nature into your world. So much learning as I develop these unique calendars each year.

Last years calendar wasn’t as good as 2019 as I chose a different printer….what a difference a choice makes. This year I chose my old printer for 2021 and the results are a quality product that I am proud of.

They are printed by Fuji and these animal images are framable and printed on a single side on thick quality A3 cardstock. Perfect for a Christmas gift with unique art images of our Australian wildlife and those Earth stories that inspire peaceful connection to nature.

This is such a lovely learning adventure as I grow and explore what is possible and playfully add digital backgrounds as I design this offering.

A perfect Christmas gift for yourself or your home as a way to bring the calm and joy of the natural world and Buy now buttonher wisdom into your home. Follow the links to purchase or share on socials.

I hope you are finding ways to connect and bring a calm connection and the beauty of nature in your world.


Love and blessings


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