Setting up shopAugust Studio Update

August has been a blur of activity with a focus on my Facebook shop creation, completion of small art pieces and adding art to the various online platforms. Of course, this has meant diving into the online world in a way that I have avoided. Not because I haven’t wanted to but because I wasn’t sure where to begin. The lockdown has given me time to figure it out and I would love you to check out my shop on this website, on Facebook and the gallery page that I have been updating along the way.

New Artworks on paper

I have a studio of pieces with many waiting for completion and sharing so the question was where for I begin? I decided to focus on artworks on paper as they are easier to ship and a way to focus on completion and sharing. The shop has been a lovely way to help me focus and develop this new space.

Each piece is an adventure and there is so much more to learn. Some are brand new and some are completions of older stories that called to be completed.

The packaging was about discovering how to create something special when the piece was delivered to its new home. This is a card example using ribbons and brown paper. Ribbons always make a package feel special.

Healing Art Jewellery

Reiki jewellery and Spirit Animals in transparent resin blocks with copper, embellishments, Reiki symbols and lots of love have been evolving creations throughout the month. Each piece is unique and hangs from a ball chain or cord. The combination of shells, copper wire and resin with either silhouette shaped imagery or printed embedded images has created something new and different. There are no hard edges as the resin softens and smooths the edges. I enjoy the softness of the edges as it fits the feeling of these small connected wearable art pieces. I’m enjoying the evolving play of creating jewellery as a natural extension of my mixed media art practice.

Having fun and getting lost in the studio…I will see where September leads me as I look back at all the August learning that has inspired new ideas. The lockdown had inspired new ways of being and creating. The learning spaces art provides are playful and explorative ways to step into new possibilities and connecting to evolving stories as they shape into these soul story art pieces.

I do hope you will visit the shop and love to hear feedback or requests for anything else that you might like me to add in the shop. It’s such a different way of sharing my art and a lovely opportunity to create in new ways.

Love and blessings,




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