Art and words

I am exploring the words that flow from my spirit animal art pieces. Every art piece has as many stories as people viewing it. This is a story fragment as a poem of words across a page. Spread your Wings is a mixed media resin with acrylic paint and alcohol inks. Every medium added, is another layer in the story. This piece will be exhibited as part of the window display at Belgrave Emporium from Wednesday 6th February 2019 until the end of the month.

Spread Your Wings

Joy is often found waiting in the moment of daring.


Spread Your Wings

Spread your wings

Do you dare?

Be in the wildness,

of unknown spaces…

Asking questions that open you,

that dance upon your heart.

Let ‘what if…?’ stir within you

Fly into the light,

And get lost in the moment

Find the beginnings that lead you,

into the spaces that ripple with delight.

Be in the enticing places,

as the world entices your soul to enter,

This beautiful new adventure…

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