Breathe Space 2b


I am so excited to be on this adventure as I’ve transitioned from full time teaching to full time art.This is where I get to share my inner world as soul stories that flow onto the canvas. I’m discovering new stories every day and finding out that there is so much more to learn. It is that healing power of art that never stops giving as you grow into new spaces through this joyful creative process. It is funny how true it is that “you don’tt know what you don’t know.” Art gives you openings to discovering more of the possibilities if what there us to learn.

Learning Spaces

My current learning is to create space within my art as I tend to have lots of details in my art so that the eye has little space to rest without that bit of quiet space, there is no place. My head has always known this but i needed the personal space to immerse myself in art so I could grow into a space where it shifted into my heart and I truly understood enough for it to shift my art. I keep finding things that I need to know more about and it is that space of “the more you know, the more you know you don’t know.’I know that this sounds a bit cliche but it has proven true as I continue to learn every day from the explorative opening that art invites.

Art Show invitations

 I would love to share some of my art stories with you as I celebrate my solo exhibition and discover art through these visual stories.. The exhibition runs for most of September and most Saturday’s I will be there either for art tours, the art crawl or for workshops. This is such an exciting opportunity to step fully into my storyteller and share art as story in this beautiful space.
I will be donating a small piece that will be sold via a private auction format during exhibition with sales going directly to support the Space2b-Social design  NFP to support refugees.
Breathe Space2b

A breathing space to connect as you step into those guided places.

Art Workshops

I’m also offering a couple of workshops that are great pd opportunities for teachers and a joyful guided process for personal spiritual growth. One is a half day SoulCollage® workshop on Saturday 15th September explores simple collage art techniques and writing prompts to access your inner voice and intuition. A practical hands on workshop where you make guidance cards  as you discover and write your own stories.
Workshop 2 is on Saturday 29th September 10 – 1 and explores mixed media art techniques as a way of discovering  your  spirit animal, art making and writing prompts that explore the wisdom of the animal kingdom.


Space2bSocial design is  located at 144 Chapel Street  st Kilda and is  a NFP social enterprise that supports refugee and new arrivals to develop their creative businesses so all commissions etc go back into supporting this cause. Their is a shop at the front which consists of work from all around the world from the people developing their businesses. Amazing pieces of art and crafts from countries around the world are for sale in the shop and is a lovely place to browse and enjoy.
Hope you are able to join me at the opening or visit this  space during the September show as I share  art as visual  storytelling.

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