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I’m excited to be in the midst of finalising art for my solo art exhibition at Space2b Art space from September 4-29th. The show is titled ‘Breathe’ and is about flow and connection. 

I am on this incredible adventure as I plan and create art for my first solo show in many years. I want to add everything and it is so exciting but I know I need to breathe into me and pause as I gather together the pieces of me that are shaping this new beginning. I call it a new beginning as I have taught art and EAL for 30 years. Of course I have painted and created every step if the way but shifting into art full time is a leap of faith.


As an intuitive artist, I believe in trusting the process and that as I grow and change, the art evolves with me. Art after all is about feelings and learning.The preparation has felt continual and the reality is that I am growing with my art and each new learning means revisiting and refining the art I am creating as I explore this new pathway as a full time artist.

The next phase of my story began  in July last year and a year later I am nearly at my first solo show. I did do a solo installation at Richmond Library was a wonderful opportunity but on a lot smaller scale. A traditional gallery has a special feel and creates space to celebrate art and really enjoy it in a dedicated space.

Karen Hopkins introduced me to Space2b_Social Design and a new part of my adventure began as I learnt about Space2b, there philosophy as a support for new arrivals, refugees and asylum seekers setting up their creative businesses. I have taught many refugees and young new arrivals from places of crisis across the globe so this focus felt close to my heart. I realised that for me, this was more than a great opportunity for my own art but a way to step into a space that was supporting this cause that felt so positive and connected to my core values. I decided to volunteer at the Artspace at Space2b and have loved the atmosphere and the space of new learning as I help with art show set up, openings and publicity.

This  is my third solo show but it has been decades since I have had the focused time to do this as for most of my career I have exhibited in group shows. This was the story of fitting my art around my teaching career as a secondary school teacher. My passion for art never wavered over the thirty years and I fitted my creativity into all the small spaces I could find. I feel blessed and so grateful that I am at a point where I can focus on my creating and sharing art through exhibiting, workshops and being part of organisations like Space2b and the Contemporary Art Society that have offered so many opportunities.


Why Breathe?

i intuitively named the exhibition ‘breathe ‘ and found that people asked why? On reflection I knew that this was all about flow, allowing and connecting to our inner guidance. Breathe as a word is about a flow and had a sense of continuing. ‘Breath’ on the other hand, felt like a full stop. ‘Take a breath, and another….’ it is singular thing where ‘breathe’ is plural action. My English teacher is having a field day with word play and reminds me that my experiences in teaching both art and English has made this new adventure possible.

She is the Story

She is the story as she finds her flow and listens to the whispered guidance of her spirit animal companions.

This exhibition is your invitation to breathe into this moment and be aware of the wonder that is you. Breathe into this allowing space that is gentle flow, mindfulness and a sense of being present in the now.


Of course my darling brother did a slow mocking ‘brrrreeeaaathe’ when he saw the name of the exhibition and I had to laugh but in reality that is the message. That ability to pause long enough to breathe into the space you are in is what brings meaning to our world. Now, this present moment… is all there is and it is everything. Breathing into your present is the gift of connection with each other, ourselves or the universe. The images of women and spirit animals are all about being in that connected space that is empowered, balanced and centred in who they really are. This space of connection is what we all desire in our own way and I hope that you are inspired  you question what this looks like in your world.

An invitation

Explore an exhibition of guided spaces through images of women and spirit animals. ‘Breathe’ is a collection of art that explores connection of our inner and outer world as we step into the potential of who we really are.


Within the dreaming tree

Those spaces that light us up as we flow into our story.

My intention in creating art is to bring joy. I hope they make you smile and raise your vibrations.  Life is a guided story that we shape along the way as we step into one choice after the next that lead us to our hearts desire

I invite you to come and explore your own story within these mixed media art pieces exploring women and spirit animal. 

I am offering 2 workshops during the exhibition to offer ways to connect to your personal stories through beautifully stepped out art processes. The first workshop on the 15th of September is a 3 hour exploration as you learn the basics of creating SoulCollage® guidance cards and easy ways to connect with your intuition to receive to receive guidance from your wealth of inner wisdom.  The second workshop on Saturday 29th is Spirit Animal Art : a mixed media painting workshop where you connect to your Spirit Animal through meditation and create your own unique intuitive mixed media art piece.

It is such a joy to share these intuitive art processes as you learn to trust your inner wisdom. Explore art through making your own and through the pleasure of being inspired by art and the soul connections that create space to breathe.

Space2b is a NFP social enterprise that supports new arrivals, and refugees setting up there creative businesses.

I will be holding a silent auction of a selected piece during the exhibition to support Space2b_Social Design  A percentage of all exhibition sales and the auction bid will go support this cause.

 Love to have you join in this new story of “Breathe” Space2b Artspace on September 8th 2018 for the opening  as I share my soul story through mixed media art and invite you to step into yours.

Breathe Space2b

A breathing space to connect as you step into those guided places.

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