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This online art space is such big learning for me and I must admit it is a bit scary. I keep wanting everything to be perfect and there is a whispered voice that says …let go. Its really about the opportunity to share in new ways. If you know me at all, you know I have a passion for learning. I’m always asking questions and looking for openings. They are the story starters that fuel my art passion. Yes, it’s scary and new but I want this so I keep exploring what it needs to look like to actually be viable. That means lots of computer time and lits of research.  Creating mockups is definitely new…and this idea of 5 + images becomes something that can trip me into overwhelm. I am embracing all things Canva as it helps me do this easily.

Questions and choices

The questions are, what does it look like and what do I need to prepare before I even begin. The idea of an Etsy shop fell short as they want to take so much money from your sales for the privilege of using their site. Facebook is now offering a shop with 5% commission and no extra fees with lits of side links to help share your images. This felt like a gift and if need be I could resort to Etsy as the formatting is basically the same… and of course, Instagram is my favourite platform as it is so visual…so it is time to go into action.

Reiki Healing Jewellery

Currently creating a Facebook shop and organising art stories to share. I know I have been blocking this sharing with a desire for perfection… especially how to photograph. Not perfect is a fear excuse not to share. I know when creating I embrace wabi Sabine’s ( the beauty in imperfection) and perhaps it is about allowing and acting on the joy of connecting in a different way.After training in Usui and Seichim Reiki I use this beautiful energy in my art. I have had a desire to create pieces as talismans (protection) and amulets (energy connection) and the idea of combining the water element of the sea and the feminine Earth element of copper, the fire element in resin and the air element in reiki as spirit felt guided and perfect.As I explored how to share the energy in these pieces I found myself photographing them with a large quartz crystal in the branches of my favourite tree. The space I meditate in each day felt right as it has been my sanctuary and grounding during these COVID times. . A video felt like the easiest way to share the beauty in the reflected colour and the layered healing energy.#wildsoulcreativity#reikijewellery#chokureijewellery#healingjewelkery#bohojewellery

Posted by Cheryle Bannon Art on Saturday, 15 August 2020

I have created my initial Reiki Healing Jewellery series as part of my Earth Healing collection and have discovered my Wise Women Rising series as I learn how to share in new ways…The thing is I’m great at sharing but it is the action of putting my work up for sale that falls short. This has become my August quest- to get my Facebook shop up and selling through and integration of my website, Artpal, Instagram and Facebook.  Simple ….not really… there are so many layers, as I have learnt. I am creating mock-ups but then I need some way of creating an inventory of items for sale and the linked images. Slowly building what I need as I get ready to launch my shop.

The Perfectionist

Online is actually a lot of work and the perfectionist in me is working overtime to block my progress. The perfectionist is always distracting me from the task with the excitement of ‘what if…’ and off I go on another creative project. The heart whisper reminds me to just let it be what it is and get it out there but still I resist. I think it could look better and how do I make that perfect photo? SO many questions and I slip into overwhelm. I have decided that it is time to just do it and see what happens. I am starting with jewellery and somehow I feel I started with a more complex option, I have so many works on paper but they didn’t call to me. Perhaps I need more discipline but my intuitive soul wants the freedom to shape her own journey. So here I am with a studio full of art and new jewellery emerging as I follow my dreaming. It is time to let it go and allow my art to be seen in all its wabi-sabi beauty of imperfection.

This is my offering of healing art as a way to explore your own stories. The questions are ‘what calls to your heart?’ and ‘what do you love? I have a studio full of art and I want it to find homes as the stories need to grow.

Healing Art Jewellery

Art has a way of bypassing the brain – the thinking, logical, text-oriented left brain and heading straight for the heart and the feeling centre that holds the imagery of who we are. The question became, what story do I want to share and where do I begin.

I chose Reiki healing Jewellery first as it was a dream in motion. I had wanted to create this for so long and finally had found a way to create these amulets/talismans as unique wearable art pieces.

Every new idea sparks another and I am very good at shiny object syndrome. There is so much fun in the discovery and sharing that I get distracted and don’t take it to the action step of shops and that marketing thing that I tend to avoid as too scary….well its time and I am almost there. I would actually love some accountability at times like these when my brain says to run away and my heart gently nudges me forward.

I did start another series as I discovered a new thing…working with transparencies in jewellery is so much fun and such a beautiful distraction.  A bit awkward to photograph but all jewellery seems to fall into this category really. Then, of course, there is the more traditional metal bezel jewellery and the wooden bezel pieces that are quite lovely to work with.

Noxs Back of Intuitive Soul Intuitive soul Wise Woman rising Pendent Wise Women Rising

Sharing platforms

It is time and the shop b=needs to be launched. I have given myself until the end of the month but once I have 10 pieces I will begin to share. Going public online and committing to the sharing and selling space- this energy exchange- is scary so I would love your support.

Yes, I will be adding original art and have even started down the rabbit hole of downloadable prints as I believe everyone should be able to surround themselves with beautiful art inspiration.


Where to from here

My intention is to actually get this shop up and running by the end of August 2020. This is scary and my monkey mind is out of control with the lockdown in Melbourne and the COVID threat hanging over us. I’m finding beginning spaces where I can share and grow in this new online world. I thought I was already there with my website, Artpal and Redbubble alongside the social media presence focused on Facebook and Instagram. Now I know that a shop front is needed to bring everything together in an area that is easily found. The fact that it directs you back to my website is perfect. It is that desire to discover how to share in a way that connects to people who are interested in purchasing what I do because it brings them joy. It is that old spiritual marketing dilemma as we remind ourselves that it is simply an exchange of energy and to let go of overwhelm and enjoy the process.

I would love your feedback as I go online in my Facebook shop and learn new ways of sharing…that’s really what it’s all about after all- sharing what we love and adding light and inspiration. Stay tuned for updates as I share on social media.

I do hope you are finding your flow and easy connections as you step into this new world and shape your journey into the future. It is all about the learning and sharing after all.

Love and blessings,

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