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Saturday was the CAS Contemporary by Nature exhibition opened at the Herring Island gallery as part of the Summer Arts Festival. I went a bit early, planning to sit on the stone boat at the corner of the island and draw. Well I had to postpone that as u ended up helping with the opening but it is always fun doing that as you get to chat with other society members. It was a great opening and a lovely day. I will sit the gallery on the 15th and it is such a nice space to be in.

After the opening event, I went for a walk around the island as I love looking at the sculptures and immersing myself in the peace of bushland so close to the center of Melbourne. Of course I went and drew on the stone boat after the opening. Such a lovely space and a beautiful view down the Yarra. A nice way to finish the day.
Today I went to the Bridget McDonnell Gallery in Hampton at Brighton and saw a very traditional exhibition of work by an artists from St Petersburg in the 1950s and 60s? Beautiful pieces that had a real sense of history, time and place.
Then fully inspired I went home to play in the studio…

Sketching and enjoying the view.

Sketching and enjoying the view.

Not sinking ...floating

View from a stonje boat~ Herring Island.


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