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Connecting through art and storytelling

I know Wikipedia isn’t seen as the most reliable source but this was the best definition I found for the way I refer to Narrative or storytelling in my art. The stories that are told are snapshots or vignettes of a larger story. They touch our emotions through the visual imagery that creates connections to our inner stories. Art opens us up to emotional intelligence that is our intuition guiding us along the way.

Narrative art is art that tells a story, either as a moment in an ongoing story or as a sequence of events unfolding over time. Some of the earliest evidence of human art suggests that people told stories with pictures.

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Your Soul Art Storyteller doesn’t live in your head but resides in those heart spaces and the small corners of your soul where they wait for you to connect. Sometimes I will step into a seemingly random section of an art piece to find the story that wants to be told. Other times I will explore a character and their story. It is that space of discovery and personal stories. Today was about a type of character exploration as I stepped into the art piece and told the story as that character. I don’t know what the story will be before I begin but I allow the play of words and the first thought, idea or feeling that comes to flow. This type of storytelling is not about a full finished story that neatly follows a traditional story structure. Soul Art Stories is a snippet of something much larger and a personal connection to the many ways our own personal stories can speak to us. I originally referred to this process as Art Inside Out but shifted to Soul Art Stories as they feel like my artist soul is speaking through these stories that live within the images of the art and also within me ( and anyone who feels drawn to a particular image).

The Secret

The more time I spend exploring the world of art, intuition and storytelling, the more certain I am that the secret is in the intention. There is no plan for these stories and I allow them to emerge and let the images and words play on the page through the layers. At some point, I will choose to explore the story within the art piece and the different parts of the image that hold different parts of my story. It is the intention to not have a plan but to have an idea or inspiration that flows from the layers of colour, paper and a variety of mixed media. Of course, I have intended topics that keep calling me back as they are part of my canvas of inner stories. I may have a show coming up or an event where I need to create specific things but I will always let the painting lead the story.

The thing is I can never guarantee that a piece I intend to become an angel won’t redirect and obviously need to be a rabbit or some other animal. I have learnt to trust and allow the image that wants to come through to do so. It is the story that needs to be there with the message I need at this point. Of course, stories are amazing and sharing messages so simply and beautifully. The thing I love about intentions is that they give direction but are open to change if inspiration and intuition open a different story path. An intention is the are the scenic route rather than the highway of a plan. Of course, as an intuitive artist, I want to take in all the beauty along the way. I know I will get there but the process of getting there is where the joy is.


At the moment I have a quiet space between shows so I get to choose the piece my heart is drawn to rather than the necessity to complete. The last couple of days has been about birds and back to the spirit animals. I’m never sure what story they will open up but I do know that I will keep learning with each new piece. They are taking shape…exploring ways to soften the background so the birds come into focus. Ine with less detail and one with colour contrast. Each piece has so much to share and teach. I love that both of these birds are symbols of joy.

My blue wren has gone through several stages. It doesn’t matter how small a piece always has more to teach you. I’ll continue learning and enjoying the creative stories that arise through this intuitive process.


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