I’m half way through my connection series in my Wild Soul a Creativity Circle group on Facebook. I would love you to join me. Yes I know there are too many words at the moment but I’m getting there and learning so much hope along the way. I know this info so well but each post is taking me deeper.

Art is…

Art is  connection and so it is really the beginning point of stepping intolerance guided, spiritually connected mixed media art process that is an adventure of self discovery and healing.

I originally thought of this as a series but it is much more of a challenge. The challenge is to choose one new thing every day to help you connect and then choose what small actions work best in your life. Today is day three and it is all about questions. My next question became, what quotes could I use for questions and spirituality. I quickly realized that there were non that did what I wanted so I created my own. I’ve now decided that I love this idea so I will do more as I go. No promises for every post but it’s always a joy to playfully connect.
Every step is something new to learn. I do think I like the lighter simpler background best. What do you think.


I plan to do a round up freebie for all the small actions for the connection circle. I am exploring new spaces as I aim to keep up with the me I’m becoming. The group is new and if your not part of it yet, I would love you to become part of the conversation and share in our woman’s circle.

The Challenge

Tomorrow the challenge will be to practice your connection by sharing at least one thing you have done so far in order to connect.Sunday the challenge is around creating a space for connection. The place of sacred space is the place that brings you back home to you. We all need these sacred spaces which act as triggers to help us connect even after the busiest day. Creating a sacred space makes the act of shifting into your connected soul space so much easier and helps give your conscious mind the signal to step aside and allow your intuition to be heard.

Love you to join the Wild Soul Creativity Circle and share your sacred space in our growing circle of women who are sharing their intuitive art adventure.

Connection question quote 1

Connection question quote

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