Celebrating and sharing

I am learning how important it is to give gratitude everyday so this is another joyful celebration as I remember to celebrate every moment, live your life’s with a heart full of gratitude and say thank you…life will smile and you will have so much more to celebrate. Thank you for the spaces for creative play dates and all the magical possibilities they bring into my life.

I am always creating something and I enjoy the playful process and send it out ininstagram. That is my celebration as I know that I have been slow sharing it here. I know that celebration is about gratitude and joy so I’m committing to do a celebration pages. Sometimes they will be longer and sometimes shorter but it is a way of acknowledging the universe as it winks back at me. I intend to do a fortnightly celebration page for my intuitive art inspiration post and share new work. It is so easy to get side tracked but it is nice to renpmember why and I know gratitude is such s beautiful energy that brings so much more positive energy into my life. Sometimes I will include key ideas to inspire your art  as you open new paths.

Key idea: Gratitude Journal

Action: Start a gratitude journal today and add to it every day.

I am so grateful that I found the pockets of time to create art by making regular play dates.

Of course there are so many things to be grateful for and it is such a powerful celebration of the day to keep a gratitude journal. I love doing mine on the free joyful journal on my iPad and add 5  things a day just before bed so I go to sleep with a positive.You may choose to use a hand written journal, The reason I love this practice because it is such a lovely way to shift your energy into positive space. Start celebrating your own successes today; no matter how big or small.

January and Early February : celebrating creative moments

My joyful art inspirations for February and January

Shine Bright

Shine Bright
An original A3 mixed media intuitive art work by Cheryle Bannon©

Wild Soul Creativity

Mixed media painting showing the Wild Soul Creativity Circle

This has been updated and developed. Added more orange and contrast to strengthen the image of the Circle.

Fly free

Fly an original A4 mixed media artwork on water color paper by Cheryle Bannon©

Dream big and let the world know you mean it.

Beauty, serenity and dreaming.

Heart space yes

Heart space

Heart space
An original A3 mixed media intuitive art work by Cheryle Bannon©

Flower girl

Flower girl
An original mixed media intuitive art work on canvas by Cheryle Bannon©

Wolf pup curiosity

Wolf pup curiosity
An original A3 mixed media intuitive art work on watercolor paper by Cheryle Bannon©

Hope you enjoyed my mini celebtration of completion. Such a nice feeling to say ‘it’s done’ and then the next adventure calls. I hope your celebrating all your adventures, large and small.

All works for sale. Explore the gallery pages for more inspiration.

Love and blessings,




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