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Well I tried the transfer process on polymer clay and didn’t like the results. I found an easier way that works fantastically for my small brooch pieces. All I needed was some packing tape. I printed and cut out small images that I thought would work well as a brooch. I coated them, back and front with packing tape, leaving a couple of millimeters around the edge to seal the image. Now I am ready to make my brooches. Next I rolled out a thin sheet of polymer clay and placed my image on the clay and gently smoothed it into place so there were no air bubbles underneath. Then I cut out the image leaving a small amount of excess clay. I rolled out coils and placed them as a frame around the image and used a stamp to imprint texture onto the frame. I then chose a crystal to add to the piece. Using fine coils I made spiral shapes. I had not got the PearlEx powder as yet so I fired them at this point. The packing tape is fine when fired. After firing I bought the PearlEx and used it mixed with glaze medium. I found that I got the best effect if I used one color, let it dry and then added another. Then I mixed up the liquid gloss 2 part epoxy resin. I used 2 small cups that I bought in a pack of 30 from the $2 shop. I combined the resin and mixed it for a couple of minutes before pouring. One of the things that concerned me about epoxy resin was how to easily remove the air bubbles. I read somewhere that I could use a cigarette lighter with small pieces. This made it much easier and was easy and it worked. The crystals added a nice energy to the pieces and made them a bit different.


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