Why Choose art?

The question of why someone would choose to be an artist with all the challenges and hurdles this career involves is common. I believe that art chooses you. My viewpoint is that art is what made my life make sense and has been my life raft.
I am an artist because it is my soul balance. Without my art no other part of my life makes sense. I have faced many challenges and hardships in my life and my art has been my life raft. Without art, nothing else makes sense. To create is as natural as breathing.
I now teach English and EAL but the reality is that my depth of understanding of the visual language of art is what enabled me to learn English in the first place. Art feeds my intraverted soul self where as teaching allows that extroverted part that wants to be in the world to flourish. As a dyslexic I struggled with literacy at school but as my art based understandings grew, my visual language bridged this gap and now I can be all that I desire. I became an art teacher and later added to my educational base With further study both in art and TESOL and have earnt 5 degrees.  None of what I have achieved in my life would have been possible without my art. Art is the core that the rest of me revolves around. Art is a gift that I desire to share as I continue to paint and create intuitively.

Do you ever wonder about your own life choices. What is the thing that gives you balance in your life. Where does your passion live? How do you feed your soul?

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