Digital literacy


Quotable dreaming artwork design by Cheryle Bannon

Daring adventures

I am on this incredible art biz adventure and I know that these 2 weeks of holidays have really felt like a taster for the next part of the adventure. Seth Godin talks about the stories we tell ourselves and how they impact us. I’ve been telling myself that I’m not good at social media but it is time to shift that mindset. It’s funny how we run into patterns of belief but recognising our self doubts and inner critic really does help to shift a stuck mindset.

App Play

I’ve booked in for a digital picnic workshop in June but along the way I will see what else I can learn. Pretty pictures are definitely a priority as I explore so many apps. Just found the rainbow love delux app which is helping take my quote panels to another level. Tend to use 3 or 4 apps for a single image and am enjoying the playful possibilities.

Ive done lots of research and explored apps that work for me and am slowly getting closer to what I want. Writing the quotes is a lovely way to get clear on what I really feel in a few words. I found myself creating quotes as often the thoughts that I was feeling about a certain topic were not available. When you can’t find what you want the next step is to create it yourself

I’ve created a list of a few if you like creating memes. If your inspired to create your own quotable or create pretty images using someone else’s quotes then do try them out and see what works best for you. Some are free and some are paid but for me they were all worth it.

Some apps I love

  • Rainbow love delux
  • Lighto
  • typorama
  • canva
  • circleme
  • lenslight
  • PhotoGrid
  • lensLight

Connection and community

I have learnt so much about this digital platform and all the ways to play but still learning about all the ways to connect. I love the online communities and am grateful for all the Things I am learning along the way.

My challenge is to develop my social media skills to build my presence online. The idea of asking people to follow me on my different accounts is also advised and a challenge.

Understanding and action

I had read that I should put most of my hashtags in the comments but didn’t understand why until now. It just doesn’t look good to have a stream of visible hashtags even if they are creating links. It’s funny how nothing clicks until,someone says it in a language that you understand. In my case that was my visual language that is my main form of communication.

Something more

I’m painting as always in between all the other bits and pieces that I am creating.  I have booked three workshops for later in the year at the Art Shed in Moorabin. More to come on these spiritual intuitive art adventures. I have created a Pinterest board for inspirational quotes as these are only a few but I have had a lot of fun creating them and they are looking more professional with each creation.

An invitation

So many ways to dream and so many spaces where passionate ideas take shape. I was wondering, what is your current adventure?
I do hope that you are enjoying the inspirational art adventure. I would love you to follow and share with friends who would love some inspiration and playful connections.
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