Connecting to animal guidance

Spirit of the wild thing openingWhat an adventure…sharing the evolution of my series of Spirit of the Wild thing which is about the beautiful connection we have to the animal kingdom and all they have to teach us. I am continuing to learn more about these wise guides and how stepping into our own wild untamed spaces opens us to the freedom of being who we truly are. Animals model ways of being in the world and their environment in ways that are connected, free and natural. This is an untamed space where life flows and we are living in our passion and joy for life as we allow life to flow naturally.


Spirit of the Wild Thing Series

I am sharing the Facebook photo album for the Spirit of the Wild THing series below and hope that you will get a chance to see my work live but if not this is the series so far and I will continue to add to it. I am also organising to set up a window display at Belgrave Emporium this week that will go through until the end of the month of February. Message me on facebook or contact me at if one of the animals calls to you for purchase details. Share this post an add comments as I love to grow conversations and connections. I have started writing about the animals which are evolving into poetry. I plan to create a set of guidance cards from this series of spirit animals. They are still evolving and more ideas are flowing as I learn more about connecting to the nature of the wild thing in us all.

Wild Life

For the first time, I made a small book to remember the exhibition by. I only created 20 as it was an experiment/ I have added hand-drawn embellishments within the book so each one is unique. I have them for sale at the exhibition as well as prints and cards. They are small memories that capture a selection of The Spirit of the Wild Thing series.

Wild thing 5 x 7

This is such a lovely journey that I have decided to host a Meet the Artist day on Saturday the 16th of February 2016 where I will be creating and sharing in the gallery space. I would love you to drop in and say hi at Forest Edge Stone Gallery in the heart of the Forest Edge Stone permaculture nursery at 74 Monbulk Road Kallista in the Dandenongs (Melbourne, Australia).

Exhibition back wall

Love and blessings,


My 2019 February solo show at Forestedge Gallery is all about animal imaginings and the guidance they bring into our…

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