Find your wings

Connect, play and explore in this one day intuitive painting workshop.

Workshop ponderings

I’m having so much fun playing with all the possibilities as I continue to grow and develop my systems to help me spread my wings and fly with my business’s dreams. As I am learning more about my tribe and who I want to attract, I thought the Christmas  season would be the perfect time to share my love and expertise in  angels, intention and intuitive art.

As with all of my workshops, they are based on my  Wild Soul Creativity approach which easily and quickly guides you as you learn how to connect with your creativety and find the space for you.  As you develop these intuitive skills you will be supported in you in holding your own space in your daily life.

Finding your wings

This one day angel painting play date is my angel intuitive workshop called ‘Find your wingsand I’ve put it up on eventbrite. It is such a new learning as I work out how I want to put myself out there and share what I know and love with others who want to step into their own creative intuitive self. I am excited to offer my approach and the amazing Angels they will create as they connect and listen to their own intuitive guidance.

A playful adventure

Life gets so busy and we easily get stuck in that work and responsibility head space. When is there space to actually connect to our heart space. To explore who we are within and nurture our soul? It is so easy to lose sight of our possibilities when work takes over and sometimes it feels like there isn’t any room to breathe. This painting play date is about finding that space to allow that connection with who we really are and playing  with paint and luscious mixed media supplies. Art has a way of helping us find our way back home to ourselves where we can connect back to our creative soul and remember our joyful child as we play and create together.


Then when we have our completed angel paintings we will learn easy ways to start conversations with our angels and receive guidance. Learn some easy questions to help you connect with that inner wisdom and the gentle guiding voice of your angel.

Who is this for

This workshop is for anyone looking for something more. A way to connect back to the parts of you that have been lost along the way. No prior art skills are required. Bring an open heart, a willingness to play and enjoy the adventure as we connect and remember how to listen to our guidance and our wise self. Let the beautiful energy of the Angels surround you as you paint, play layer and listen.

An invitation

I believe that art is a sacred place to connect and go deeper. Painting is an opening to another world and invites us on an adventure. You are invited to share my studio and be part of a small group of 6 women as we play, paint and connect through paint and mixed media. Create your own mixed media angel painting and receive guidance from your angel. This is about creating a sacred space where we can play togethert  and connect with our own wild soul creativity.

What to bring

Bring your basic supplies and an A4 visual diary. I will supply lots of luscious matte rials for you to play plus the canvas  for your creative angel play date. More information at the link below.

Where and when

A small group full day event on the 26th of November at Cheryle Bannon’sstudio in Carnegie .

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Under her wings

She is connected to the depth of who she really is. Her wings unfurl as her wise self watches.


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