ANGEL BLESINGS: a beginning

Angel blessingsFor a long time, I have layered Reiki energy into my art. I am a  Usui and Isis Seichim Reiki trained practitioner and have used it to layer this beautiful energy into my art. I have developed a wide range of angel paintings and love working with this energy and embedding it into my art. A shift came when I decided to become angel Reiki attuned. Sometimes you just trust what comes and follow the inspiration. I started to play through some accidental possibilities and something new emerged in my art. I had already decided to offer my ang3l blessing mini A5 mixed media angel paintings as a healing package but somehow these evolved. Through following the possibilities and trusting to guidance, I stepped not creating Reiki angel paintings with clear Reiki symbols as part of 5he image. I am still adjusting to Reiki angel energy and the layers of what it means. I will keep exploring and listening to those intuitive guiding whispers and seeing where it takes me.

Accidental Joy

I decided to experiment so I started playing with lots of water and my water-soluble crayons. I splashed yellow ink on the page and overdid it. I spread the ink further with circular motions with the red-orange and brown crayons. White gesso is a favourite way of blocking in a shape and was beautifully tinted by the warmth of the under layers. I used Payne’s grey paint to draw in the details. I thought black ink would be good…maybe next time. This free-flowing angel was so clearly the angel of creativity as she emerged through what had been a mess of reds, oranges and yellows. There was no plan in this play, but an openness to whatever happened. These explorative pieces often hold the greatest gifts as intuition takes over and inspiration flows.


Reiki angel blessings as works in progress…aren’t we all…The question really becomes, when are we complete and when is it time to let go and begin the next adventure.

This explorative piece led to my response to the accidental spill of quinacrydene nickel ago gold, all over my bench top. The paint spilt paint all over my table and I could have seen it as a disaster but I chose the opportunity to play. I remembered the day before and let connections form intuitively choosing my next action. An A3 piece of thick watercolor paper was the perfect size as I pressed it into the pool of paint. I smeared it across the page and then drew into it with water soluble crayons. Then I used gesso to add some areas such as wings, face and hands…of course it was an angel coming through this pool of color. Then I reached for my thick turquoise paint and cut away the edges as I blocked in the background and added a light green to the lower section. I sat back and looked and smiled. She was not planned and she had surprised me. The choice to play had allowed something beautiful to emerge with a looseness and freedom that I loose when I get into a more formal piece. It was this continual searching for what I loved and the trust that was integral to the process. My heart really just wants to play. The images above ar3 works in progress and below are the final iterations o& these reiki angel blessings.


The joy in this is that I have discovered a new approach to my angel paintings and now desire to create a series of Reiki Angels using this technique. The trick is to always remember to play and to throw out any rules that may be waiting in the corners. Pure play doesn’t know rules, as it is fully in the moment and allowing whatever comes. It is fluid and flexible and full of joy. That is exactly the space I intend my art to come from as for me art is created within sacred space and is about the spiritual connection that heals on so many levels.


One of the biggest things I have learnt as I explore art and all things creative is the need to let go and allow the process to lead the way. This is art that flows from the heart and opens us to play beyond the edges of what we know and see what else is possible. Art is about expressing our feelings and this can be a messy, opening process but it is often that mess that shapes itself into the unexpected. I have learnt to welcome the messiness and play through it so I can discover what it has to reveal. This is about trusting the process and our own inner whispers enough to act on the ideas that emerge. There are no rules or even guidelines that can give you the answer. I could teach you how to copy accurately but that is not the art that touches the soul and if we are to open to our artist’s soul, then this is the first step. It is that leap of faith that Kirkagard speaks of. That step beyond reason into space where anything is probable and everything is possible



I came home from an appointment in town and followed my intuition as I connected and created the healing Reiki angel energy of Raphael. The process was pure play, exploration and trust. This series of Reiki angel blessings is about trusting what comes through and offering this beautiful healing energy within these images. I created my Raphael Angel Reiki Healing piece Is immersed in this beautiful healing energy. Once Raphael had taken form on the page I knew I needed to totally transform a couple of the Angels that had evolved in the past couple of days. It’s funny noticing how what seemed finished becomes a work in progress as you shift your own understanding. I am not sure where this Reiki angel blessing will lead but I know that they have something new and exciting to offer. If you want to be surrounded by a beautiful healing angel energy then invite one of these beautiful angels into your life. These Reiki angels are still taking form but the energy that they inspire is one that is a joy to explore and work with. Each piece carries an angel reiki healing within its energy field and likes the mini angel blessings comes as a package offering with an angel painting reading, personal reading guide and certificate of authenticity.




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