Intentions and possibilities

I love the possibilities of playing with color and shape and allowing the layers to grow as I trust and follow my intuitive guidance. These are a couple of pieces that have emerged as I continue to explore explore my intuitive angel paintings. I love that this process is always a new adventure and full of surprises as I trust the guidance that allows the imagery to come through me.
These angel paintings have been playful explorations as I have developed my color play. I love working in rich vivid colors. Some are canvas paintings and some are pallet painting. That simply means that I will use watercolor paper as my paint pallet and then keep adding to it in different ways and when inspired it will take form and become an image. They are playful adventures and a process that I am looking forward to sharing in my upcoming Angel painting workshop ‘Find your wings’. I have painted Angels for about 20 years now and love the energy they bring into my creative space.
I hope you are feeling the presence of your angels as you go through your day. That sense of something more, of guidance and wonder. Or perhaps someone in your life has appeared as your angel today and supported you unexpectedly. Look out for the angels in your life, as they are often your closest friends who gift you the support you need unexpected ways.


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