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The issue is not how to draw or paint an angel but how to break it down so that it is clear that anyone can draw an angel…painting is just the next beautiful layer. My problem is that I tend to over-complicate the process by forgetting that in the end, I am exploring angels using 3 simple shapes and then decorating them in my unique style.

As I prepare for the upcoming Paint an Angel workshop my creative mind has gone into overdrive. My heart reminds me that I need to stop and step back and look at the eagle view rather than the mouse view…too much detail is scary if you are not sure where to begin so this post is to share the easiest beginning I know and invite you to play.

3 Simple shapes

heart circle triangle

The triangle

  •  The perfect simple body shape.

The heart

  • the upper body of an angel figure
  • or cut in half vertically it can become the 2 wing shapes.

The circle

  • the basic head shape
  • a second larger circle placed behind the head becomes a halo

These 3 simple shapes make creating small Christmas card angels easy and are a perfect beginning to an angel art adventure.


Now I know that we often stop ourselves from making art… but let’s focus on this as a play date. All you need is 5 minutes and a paper and a Angel 5 minute challengepen or pencil… this is about drawing quickly and not giving yourself time to question.

5 minutes
3 shapes and a line. 💜⭕️🔼 –
-heart, circle, triangle
A playful heart

Play with the size direction and connections. Quick marks that are about exploring…most of all have fun. My 5 minutes is below.
Enjoy, smile, create and play.🎨😊😇

Template playmy angel templates

The simplicity of these quick drawings means that they make great templates to use as masques or trace around to create a series of little angel cards. I didn’t create the templates this time around but they do help when creating a series of an image. Trace the template and then add your variations to the image as you go. The angel shown in the painting below was based on my initial 5-minute angels but has developed into something different. Each time that you use a template, you will find that the final image easily becomes something new and unique. You have just started to use an artist tool to make your own art-making more fun and flowing. Try making a few templates from your drawings. Cut them out and trace them onto stiff cardboard  ( or glue the drawing onto cardboard) and cut out again. A lovely way to creatively play.


Space to Create

With these simple beginnings, you have space to create a page of your own angels. Play with the direction of the shapes. A triangle on its side may be an angel in flight. A triangle body angel with a big head maybe a cute childlike angel or a long thin triangle with a smaller head may be a tall elegant angel. Try printing out the angel beginnings sheet and completing the angels using simple shapes and then fill the shapes with pattern play…Use your 5-minute angels as idea starters for your next piece.

SunshineChoose the image that feels right to you and create a small card piece.  If you look at the image above…I chose the little angel in the top right-hand corner. I felt like I hadn’t created many cute playful images and this one called to me. My dog Maya, decided she wanted to be in the painting too. This is very cute and different from my normal pieces but so much fun to play on this small A6 size.

The next step is pattern and symbol play the details are added. Often I use a basic U shape to create the wings – uuu or a zig-zag in the wings VVVV. I love spirals as a personal symbol so they also found their way into the design. Trust what feels the most joyful to you. There is always another layer if you want to take it further. My pieces tend to have lots of layers and colours as that is where the joy lives for me. Exploring the contrasts and seeing what happens next. When I begin to create an angel, I know what to do as I have 25+ years of angel play and they keep evolving. As I dive deep into angels and ways to represent this beautiful energy I feel guided and blessed as the angels keep evolving on the page.

Angel art and learning spaces

For a long time, I have created my whimsical angels with faces that feel like everyday angels. They are not the highly realistic images that you commonly see and are often quite cute as the faces are relatable. The focus is on the space of connection to this spiritual realm and its presence in our everyday world. It is about bringing more light and joy into the world through art. Every angel I create has something new to teach me and wisdom to connect to.

The intuitive process

When you begin to focus on particular energy so intensely, it floods into all areas of your life. The art angels have sometimes become flow mandalas, at other times the more etheric angelic form appears and then there is the question of how cute or how elegant and what energy they bring with them. This intuitive art process is about a mindful approach to art that brings us back to our centre and helps balance our inner and outer world.

These angels flow from a heart space and form on the page. They are intuitive and ever-evolving as I trust the creative muse. I do not plan out a piece so that I know the final image as art is approached from a playful heart that is open to the wabi-sabi nature of creativity. This is the beauty in imperfection as the joy of exploring and noticing beauty in marks and forms is explored.

I am not exploring the hierarchy of angels in art as that defines where each of these etheric beings fit in the religious context.  I am aware that there are different levels and am open to the support and guidance that comes through. The angels that form on the page are about the spiritual connection to that something more. I believe that we are living a life and angels are an integral part of this guided path.

We have our inner images of angels that are part of our upbringing and culture and we bring that with us as we create. My angels are generally white-skinned and flowing feminine images as that is what I relate to. I have occasionally painted male angels but I trust the angel story I need will come through.


I wonder what your angel art will look like? Are your angels male or female, realistic or whimsical, semi-abstract forms, tall and etheric …and do they have a halo or wings or light that surrounds the whole body.

So many ways to play with the idea of this beautiful energy.

Love and blessings,





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