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Only a few more days to go before my Paint an Angel workshop…

So excited about this upcoming workshop that I’ll be teaching at Lentil as Anything in Thornbury!

You may wonder what my focus on angels is and why I would want to share this art process and why it is important to me to share it with others. I believe that art is about connection and that this intuitive art process is a type of meditation and mindfulness. Creating angels connects us to these guided spaces as we invite more of this beautiful energy into our lives.

Sharing these intuitive angel art processes is a way to share how I connect to this guided spaces in my life and what inspires me to create. Art for me is a spiritual practice and the angels are a guiding energy that supports my creative process and my life.

Angels are that sense of something more…the divine guidance and support in our earthly existence. Our Angels are always there, beside us but often we doubt or forget and wonder about if they are really there in the first place. The simple act of setting an intention to be with angel energy as you paint an angel you create a gentle connection as through a workshop such as this one, we are consciously becoming aware of their presence and focusing on this supportive energy.

By setting aside some sacred time to create and tune into what our hearts want and asking for angel guidance we begin to connect to our Angels. As we become more aware of their presence in our lives we begin to notice the everyday angels who support us as we experience those everyday miracles. It is the noticing, asking for help and acknowledging that support every day that creates this guided intuitive life. That is why the gratitude focus has become such a buzz word in recent times. It is the focus on saying thank you to the universe, the divine, or whatever name you give spirituality in your life that brings us back to centre as we acknowledge with a full heart that our life is guided.

Come join me this Saturday 23rd November 2019!  I can’t wait to see the Angels come alive on in paint and colour. It is going to be such a gentle, joyful connected art process for everyone present.

Intuitive Paint an Angel Workshop

Saturday 30 November 2019 1.00 am – 4.00 pm

Cost: $55 per person (includes all art materials and food available at Lentil as Anything)

Venue: Lentil as Anything Thornbury, Melbourne

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