ART WORKSHOPSart workshops 2019

I’m excited to have another opportunity to share my passion for art as a mindful connection through workshops focusing on life as a guided adventure.

I am offering 2 separate workshops :

  • Paint an Angel
  • Flow Mandalas

I love the flow of watercolours as an easy way to share watercolour techniques with mixed media embellishment that is easy and fun for beginners to experienced art lovers. This is about connecting to those intuitive spontaneous spaces where art is about connecting to that inner guidance. Of course, there are templates and basic shapes to begin creating but the main thing to know is that intuitive art is about trust and then adding one step at a time to create your own unique layered art piece.


My art is a spiritual practice where art is about a guided path. This is an approach to art that is a mindful process of connecting to those inner whispers and the sense of something more. These are the gentle spaces that fill you up and remind you to breathe. I believe we live in a guided world and that we are surrounded by all the support we need. All we have to do is ask for help and it is there. The intuitive process is really about tapping into the things you already know but the noise of life has made it hard for you to hear and see the wisdom within. Art has a way of slowing you down, helping you to centre and be present within the moment. Art is a space where time loses its grip and seems to flow. This is the space I want to connect you with through art as a playful connected experience. It is the process of creating something that is a part of you and making it visible. It is the magic of art that helps you explore your world from the inside out. We go through our day and react to the impact of the world around us but art invites us to respond to the whispered guidance from within.

We all have our different stories and the lived experiences that shape us. I am a ministers daughter who has chosen a belief in angels and an alternative spirituality. One of the things that draw me to angels in my art is that they are not aligned with one specific religion but are seen across many religions. They are a path to that something more, whatever your belief names it. Whether it is God, Goddess, Allah or the Universe…it is all a guided path and art is a lovely way to step into that space of something more. It is mindful, meditation and prayer as we shift our focus and create.

Angel Guides

There are many different types of angels and you may choose to explore the hierarchy of angels but for this workshop, I want to look at angels as a universal image of guidance and love. My angel art is intuitive and spontaneously flow through into my art pieces. I trust the images that come as this is an intuitive process. They tend to have gentle energy and are always light and sometimes playful.

We all have angel guides but like all spirit guides, we need to ask for heir help. I start my day with gratitude for the new day and an expectation of guidance and good things coming into my life. I ask that I be guided by the angels and animals in love and light. It puts me in a positive frame of mind and I am focusing on good things flowing to me.

There is something beautiful about being surrounded by angels and living with that guidance. I have regularly created angels over several decades and they keep evolving. There are no rules. Some are playful and all are about connecting to those positive spaces that inspire us and fill us with joy.

Intuitive art adventures with Cheryle Bannon

 Create an Angel Painting 

Mixed Media Angel Blessings   Angel blessings workshop flyer

Paint, draw, collage and sketch angels with me. I will provide all the materials and plenty of enthusiasm!

I will use different techniques to encourage you to playfully connect and explore your own creativity. All abilities welcome.  Give yourself space to create as you dedicate 3 hours of your time to creating something beautiful.

During this 3-hour workshop, you will learn simple ways to create an angel art piece using watercolours, pen, gesso collage papers and more on watercolour paper. You may choose to create original small angel cards as gifts or create a larger angel piece on A3 watercolour paper.

FOCUS: Learn to paint angels as blessings and gifts as you connect to your inner artist              Create your angel guide on an A3 watercolour paper using an intuitive painting technique in mixed media

  • Connect to angels
  • introduction to mixed media
  • Learn easy face and wing painting techniques
  • Add patterns, colour play and collage to add variety
  • Enjoy a mindful, connected art process

Flow Mandala Art


 Paint, draw and sketch your flow mandala with me.  Let go of rules of symmetry as you step into the sacred circle that is the mandala and create from your heart and soul.

A mandala is a sacred circle and creating within a circle helps you connect to your inner guidance. A circle is a supportive space to work within as you step into art as flow and explore personal symbols.

During this 3-hour workshop, you will learn a simple process to create a non-symmetrical mandala. This is about flow and stepping outside the lines as you allow the well of creativity to overflow into the circle as your sacred container.

Stepping into the sacred circle  –  create a mandala painting that is connected to that inner wise self. Allow the shapes, Images and symbols to flow onto the page. Mandala on A3 watercolour paper using watercolours, pen, gesso collage papers and more on.

FOCUS: The mandala is a sacred circle that facilitates connection to your inner artist            A3 watercolour paper and mixed media mandala

  • Connect to your intuition
  • Introductions to mixed media
  • Learn how to create a  flow mandala using personal symbols
  • Creative intention through abstract mark-making and colour play
  • Add layers and personal symbols and nature
  • Learn easy watercolour techniques
  • Enjoy a mindful, connected art process

Workshop details

The current workshops begin with angels on the 23rd of November and am still finalising the date for Flow Mandalas But will probably be on the &th of December. A nice early Christmas present play date in the beautiful environment of Lentil as Anything in Thornbury, Melbourne.

Cost: $50 due upon registration

A half-day workshop where you will create your own intuitive angel painting or a flow Mandala ( choose the date or join for both) using simple techniques. Time: 1 pm – 3 pm

If you would like to know more please email or message me and Ill do my best to answer your questions. The Flow Mandal date will be finalised on Wednesday and I will update the page then.

I do hope you will come and play and treat yourself to a creative playdate. I am looking forward to another adventure at Lentil As Anything and the IFE community.

I will update details and share more of this art adventure as it unfolds.

Love and Blessings


Share and Enjoy !