I never saw myself as a flower painter…still life etc wasn’t a topic I focused on but times change. I love working on my figurative pieces but it is nice to explore ways of keeping my work fresh. I am having so much fun exploring simplified flowers and exploring a more abstract approach and I love the colour play. No rules, just pure creative play. I finished 3 pieces today but the only problem is that for every piece I complete, I manage to start another 2. I guess that is a good problem to have but I do need to work on completion. I am glad that most of the flowers are works on paper and so don’t take up too much room. I love the fact that this is just playing with shapes, colour and mark making. I have included the 3 I finished and the start of my banksia Australian natives bunch. Every time I am inspired by a shape or colour in the background play, I end up finding new possibilities. It was simply the play of colour and the brush stamping mark that reminded me of Aussie natives and so the image takes shape. The trick is always knowing when to stop.

I have surprised myself with the joy of creating these pieces. Flowers make me happy and we all need flowers in our life. What a wonderful choice of imagery to welcome in the warmth of Spring in Melbourne.

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