Today was my dedicated painting Wednesday. I love Wednesdays as I have my mid week retreat for teaching and get to play in my studio. This morning was a bit different as I got up at6.30 to take Keith ( loving husband) to the station with his huge pack. He’s doing a light house walk with friends and leaving straight from work. It takes a bit to get me out of bed early as I love my sleep  but it was also nice to start the day early and really enjoy it.

I never know what I will work on when I enter the studio but today I reached for a piece I did a coup,e of years ago. I was never really happy with it and had left it. Today was the day but it was a push and pull process as it demanded some leaps and a lot more contrast. I was almost ready to give up at one point…so much for playfully creating. Luckily I persisted and ended up with a painting I am proud of. I added a lot more contrast along the way which has added interest. She is definitely a dreamer and just caught in the moment. The flowers add an energy to the piece that I really like. She has a strength that wasn’t in the original piece and she now feels complete at last.

It is so easy to leave our challenges behind us and not look back. Somehow I think they have a habit of catching up with us. Each piece has a story to tell and the process of creating it is its unfolding. Her story is one of a women surrounded by her dreams as they float around her as flowers in full bloom. There is life, possibilities and a new energy in the air that is guiding her towards her path.

She really has gone through a lot of transitions…I guess art really does reflect life. It is lovely to feel that she is finally complete. So many places where I could have chosen to take a different direction. It was an adventure with lots of twists and turns but I’m glad I continued this story today and saw her through to completion. I like her better than I did but something is still calling me to change her….a piece is never quite complete until it finds a new home. It feels like I am still dreaming her and another layer is calling me back. I love that the piece guides me forward and all I have to do is pay attention to the intuitive whispers…

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