Intention and intuition

I have had a few conversations around the idea of how we connect to our creativity and how intuition and intention are linked. To my surprise a close friend expressed the opinion that these two things were opposites and in no way connected. I was surprised and this started a new conversation in my mind. Why was it that I viewed these 2 things as inseparable partners. In my art practice as an intuitive painter I use both and there is a wonderful interplay between the two. When I go to my studio to create I will sometimes have an intention for what I plan to do but the important element here is the willingness to remain open and let go of expectations. An intention is not an expected result but more of a general direction that I desire to head in. As I move into my creative sacred space, I light a candle, set my intention, connect and breath into my heart centre. I invite my muse, guides and Angels in to guide my process and ask to be open to hate er energy I need to work with today. As I set up my space and intuitively reach for whatever piece seems to be calling me, I let go of the intention that I have set. Yes I set an intention but it is now time to explore and if the intention is what I need today, it will simply flow into my work. I realised that for me an intention was a guiding element and it was always on flow and shaped by intuition. I was learning how allowing fitted into my view of intuitive art.

Intention and allowing

She is sheltered and safe as she listens to her guidaance

Wild Soul Creativity’ is. a process i developed that involves the 5 steps of connecting, play, layering, dreaming and celebration. Creating an angel was what I was calling in but as I progressed through the layers, it became clear that their was an owl in this image that wanted to be. I could have ignored this guidance but this is an intuitive process and it is about trust. I stepped back and smiled as I saw the owl sitting on her shoulder with the Angel wing gently wrapping around her. I knew that this had come through my guides as I would never have consciously planned this image. This allowing, letting go of expectations and stepping into whatever the adventure offers is a big part of the joy of creating. I love that something I created can continually surprise me.
Intention does not get in the way of intuitive guidance; it shapes a possibility and whatever happens next is guided by a heart centred intuition that is trust, allowing and invites play. Intention is the choice of direction and intuition is all the paths that our heart leads us along when we trust and let go of expectation. Intention is internal and choice based where expectation is external and limits choice and our ability to allow. Intuition is our soul connection and guides us to our inner wisdom and opens up our world. This was not the last adventure this painting would take me on.

A daily practice

Each morning when I first wake up, before I get out of bed, I set an intention for the day. Each thing I ask to call into my day is an intention. The following are a few of the things I regularly ask for and I hope they inspire you to create your own list.
I ask to be guided and protected throughout the day and help in staying in my heart space. I ask for energy, bliss, flow, ease and joy. Sometimes I ask for a miracle. I ask for good things to flow easily to me. I ask for positive abundance. I ask that my loved ones are safe and protected.
At night I say thank you for all I have received as I replay my day. Some days I write in my gratitude journal but I know I am inconsistent at this.

Throughout the day when I am at my best (we all have bad days) I look for things to remind me of my intentions. Things that make me smile, feel wonder, are beautiful. If the sky is grey I play the ‘wouldn’t it be nice if…’game and ask the same question inverse for patches of blue sky and sunshine. Then when the sky clears and there is a field of blue with fluffy white clouds, I smile and it helps shift my energy.

Throughout the day I say thank you when good things happen or I notice something that otherwise I would not see. I listen for inner guidance and from time to time I ask ‘what would my heart say’. Intention helps bring me back to my intuition and to hear the guidance that is around me. Noticing those little things around me feels guided when in noticing, my mood shifts. It is about keeping connected to our centre and bringing in a positive energy. When I am in this space I know I am being guided.


Of course, intuition requires trust and no matter what your intention be aware that intuition will always be a guiding force. My beautiful image ‘Under Her Wing’ was niggling at me. It was the guiding voice that said …not quite there, and I knew I had to change her and so I did. I felt the change deserved a new name as she had evolved. Of course I could have said it is finished…it’s in my 2017 calendar and just let it be but I know when I get these nudges I will choose to follow them. When I do, I open a doorway to something new and I am reminded that for me art is always about the proces and the ever unfolding adventure. Who am I to stop this unfolding that feels guided and is wrapped up in my ability to trust and know that whatever the next layer brings it will always take me to where I need to be right now. I lost some things I loved but gained other areas I loved. Change is like that, you have to give something up to gain something new. She feels stronger now and I am glad I listened but she is a very different painting and the sense of connection and the whole energy of th piece has changed. She feels calmer now and I loved me that. I think she is finished now but who knows…

When did you last feel guided and connected in your life. Do you have a practice that helps you stay connected? Trust the adventure. For more inspiration explore my gallery page and if you want something more, sign up for  my newsletter  and download my free art printable. I do hope your life is full of moments where you choose to trust those whispers because I promise you that they will take you on amazing adventures.

Trust her

She is guidance trust and connection. Step into the adventure and allow


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