Well I reblogged this but it isn’t showing yet…might have to try again…the first prompt was why should I take this challenge? That is simple.i am consciously looking at finding more ways to be glad in my life and gratitude is the perfect pathway. The m ore I notice the small things, wonder at the amazing world, the fuller my heart feels. Look at the sky and the patches of blue breaking through the grey. The golden light streaming through holds a magic. It is the ability to remember to look up and say thank you. Thank you for all the big and little moments that make up our day. The joy of knowing that I have a beautiful warm bed, and will wake up to go to a job I love. The fact that I  get to find out what 2 novels I won at the conference last Monday when I get to work in the morning. The sense of possibilities that a new day brings is endless. The joy of knowing that I have work being exhibited and get to share my love of creating. I am so grateful for  my loving family…I am also amazingly grateful for all the little reminders that it is nice to simply say thank you. Thank you to the person next to you, the shop attendant or quietly under your breath as you look out towards the clouds on the distant horizon or the flower in my hand. It is the reminder that I am also thankful for and this is why I decided to participate.

obviously I don’t know what I’m doing with the re-blog and it is probably on the site now. I went to post the challenge image and it was already in my image library so thank you to the magic of the Internet and this amazing blog that I am still getting my head around.

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