Playing: spontaineous possibilities.

Okay it started off as. 30 minute challenge but it is so hard to stop. I wanted to see what I could learn by setting myself a tight time limit as I am good at continually revisiting an art work and tightening up sections which has its place but my intuitive artist wants to play and this time limit gave me a whole different type of freedom. I started with a pallet page. This is my watercolor paper that I have used as a pallet. Once the page is covered and an idea is obvious this is then transformed into a painting. She definitely felt like an angel right from the start. There was so much gold on the page so I just played. I new that she needed to be holding something but it wasn’t coming to me and I caught myself trying to  think about it rather than trusting it would come. A small tree or a bird..a bit standard although I have used them both before. So I continued with the rest of the image and let go of the holding space. Then the word ‘joy’ came into my head and it was a lovely idea. Why couldn’t she be holding a word as words have energy and ‘joy’ has the most beautiful vibration. So I added the word and she felt complete. Even as  write this, I find myself wanting to fiddle and refine little bits but I know if I do I will lose some of the magic captured in this spontaineous intuitive piece. It really emphasized that desire to continually correct rather than just looking for what I love and building on that…I admit I did make 1 small change to her face shape…



40 minute play…creating an angel from a pallet page. An original art work by Cheryle Bannon©

Your turn

Enjoy playing with quick, spontaneous painting by using a time limit to help you stay in the flow, let go of over thinking and allow yourself to play. Oh…and I would suggest setting a timer or having a clock near by as time seems to have  a way of mmagically shifting when you are immersed in the flow.

I encourage you to try this 40 minute challenge and share and link your posts…have fun!


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