I feel like I am leaving a deafening silence on my.blog. My mind is moving so fast and so many new ideas are pouring in, I haven’t finished anything for what seems like ages. Everything is in flux as I learn new ways to deepen my layers. I am so excited by the possibilities and amazed at myself when a bravely overpaint a previously completed work. I guess this is all about new beginnings so I will show you some of the vibrantly coloured intuitive explorations in progress. It is like a spiral that is finally completed when the face is defined. I seem to have trouble with getting to the final completion. I have deepened my layering possibilities and extended what I am doing. I do so love a YouTube learning curve. I have started a dream gathering journey…avoiding the word journal as it is always a journey when we create. I love the surprises that these works ate offering as I draw out the image that speaks most strongly. Images I couldn’t have planned. Many of them dancing or moving fluidly. I realise that I have less than a month to bring more than a dozen works to completion. I feel lost in a creativity haze. I love the fact that art will continuely offer me new learning nd new paths. Anyway this is some of my play in progress. Everything is in flux but there is so much inspiration. I just need to finish some of these new works for my group exhibition at Vino Central in Ivanhoe in November. It is nice to have something to work towards but I feel as if I am in the eye if the storm. Who knows where I ill land. Certainly not me. The trick is to let go and trust my intuition. So another learning curve begins.

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