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Intuitive Art Playbook

The cover of my Intuitive Art Playbook. Magical, guided wisdom

Intuitive art joy

1/ JOY:

Intuitive art is about being on the moment and the only moment that ever truly exists is now. We are often surprised by joy in the moments we become fully aware of the space we are in.

2/ PLAY:

This The intuitive art is a way of stepping into your inner child as you remember he space of living in playful possibilities. The conscious mind steps aside as you reach for what you want. You gather the colors and supplies because they delight you and that is reason enough. This is about being in the now where anything is possible as you shape your world.


Life has a way of placing demands on us and usually we have a tendency to follow and do what we have been told. We have been conditioned that way, I guess. Or is it we just wanted to be loved and so we did as we were told more often than not. Letting go is about forgetting the expectations of what we want and and the fear of not being good enough. It is the act of taking each step forward and knowing that in each action you need to leave something behind and that is find. When we let go, we are making room for something more… something better than we had imagined. By letting go, we can get out of our own way and let in new ideas and possibilities. This is where the magic doorway awaits.


Intuitive art is about the freedom of not being bound by rules. A space where you can find your wings and be the magnificent soul that you were born to be. This is where you remember who you really are and dance in your own uniqueness.


This is where you remember that your soul needs your love and care too. Intuitive art has a way of feeding your soul. This is where you remember what it means to F.L.Y. – First Love Yourself. You have wings and it is time to let yourself unfurl.


How often have you found yourself so caught up in busy work that you have lost to touch with who you really are. When was the last time that you really listened to your intuition and followed your own guidance. Intuitive art is about making those connections as you find your way back to the voice of your intuitive self. That inner wisdom that often comes as a random thought, a feeling, a knowing. Sometimes we say that it was a gut reaction or we place our hand on our heart. It could be those nervous butterflies in your stomach of fear or excitement. This is where you find your way back to you.


Layers are an integral part of intuitive art. Each layer brings in a new energy to your art and is another part of the unfolding story. Art works are visual stories and any good story evolves. There is the introduction as you jump into blank canvas joy as the adventure begins. Then the layers build through shifts in media, color and marks. Then you arrive at the space of ‘cloud dreaming’ where you search for a form…this is looking for an answer to the problem. Just as you feel that you are almost there, another twist in the plot occurs as you admire layers until you are complete. These are the layers that give a depth and meaning to your art as earlier images peak through transparent areas. These are the shifts and changes of the intuitive art adventure.


wherever you are in your art process, it is that space of acceptance that makes the adventure possible. When you pause and look at where you are and acknowledge ‘it is what it is’. Then you choose whether to continue or whether the story of this art piece is done. At each space ask yourself ‘what do I love and notice how you feel in your body or any inner voice that speaks to you. Be aware that if it is a positive voice to breathe into it and accept it with a whispered thank you. If the voice is a negative voice of your inner critic then it is your head getting in the way. Say out loud ‘ it is what it is’, smile and breathe. Remember that acceptance is an important part of the intuitive path. Now choose to look for what you love, and add more of this until you feel complete. Yes I said until you feel complete as it is about you as the painting is the adventure.


intuitive art is a process which means that it is not about the final product. Oh, I know that we have been conditioned to think about product. This is not about thinking but about what the adventure teaches you. Really we are all our own best teachers. It is a process that helps us to connect with our subconscious as we learn to bypass the buzz of the inner critic. This process has a way of helping us work through a lot of our own junk. Yes we all have stuff that we need to sort through, both physical and spiritual. As we step through the layers, connect, question, wonder and listen, we begin to shift and heal some of our old patterns. We begin to see new possibilities as we try out our ideas and discover new parts of who we are.


Intuitive art gives us room to breathe. It is a space that is set aside from the minutia of everyday demands. Here we can find our way back to ourselves and remember that we are souls inhabiting a body. What is it we are here for. Certainly not to go to work come home sleep go to work etc. intuitive art helps us step aside from survival and dance on the edge of our knowing as we can find the something more that our soul longs for? Intuitive art is an opening into your inner world and the spaces that shape who you are. As we step into our own world rather than the demands that surround us, we find that joy becomes a more familiar friend.

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