Our days are made of moments and we often forget to breathe and simply be in the moment before it is gone forever. Every day is full of possibilities and today was delightfully full of surprises. There is always something to be grateful for so remember to celebrate every day.

It did start as a normal Saturday but somehow today the stars aligned. Yes, I was doing the normal routines but really I do get spoilt on Saturdays….my favorite day. Sometimes I get surprises and today it was magic.

Beautiful bush bunch

A beautiful gift

Keith, my loving husband goes to the market every Saturday. He has already bought me a cuppa in bed and I am doing some research before I get up. He returns from the market and playfully hands me a $20 note. Of course I smile and accept it and then he tells me there are flowers on the table. A beautiful bush bouquet bought from a market stall from students I taught a decade ago. What a lovely gift to brighten my day. My next task was to put away the shopping. Just another everyday task? Keith dropped off Callum at his girlfriend’s house so I was left alone with my task and my space.


Perhaps it was the wonderful beginning to the day as I put on Pink’s iHeart radio station or it may have been the intention to have energy that led to the next step. I began as normal as I cleared the fridge and started to unpack but the music called. It was the  reality that song after song was a breath of I love that and I began to dance. I though it was an interlude to the unpacking but I kept dancing as song after song called to me and I felt this beautiful joyful energy. At one point Keith returned and came up behind me and did a silly dance. I laughed and said..yeah your dancing with me. He really is not a dancer so that made me smile more. Of course the moment didn’t last long but it raised my vibration and the happy moments further. I found myself flowing from one song to the next. No plan to do anything but just be in the moment. Nothing to do but dance and be. The reality was that there was a choice that I made at some point along the way. I decided that the groceries were going nowhere and the kitchen was a wonderful barefoot dance floor….did I forget to mention the barefoot joy. The secret was that I just allowed the moment and then another and another as the songs kept playing. I chose to know that I had space and I gave myself permission to be. I was listening to Kai Ashley earlier in the day who discussed focusing on an emotion and how we can choose our emotional state by shifting what we are focusing on….this really comes down to intention and yes I had set my intention tor the day for a playful productive day.So I danced and enjoyed and now I am doing a blog post and learning along the way. I guess the reality is that there are so many choices that the questions has to be…why not. I found a couple of images of two quotes I love. For me they are words to live by and capture a sense of an open door where anything is possible. We are here to find joy so isn’t it time we let go of the fear and started looking for the moments that bring us joy as we slip into that warm heart centered place of knowing that we can choose.

Dance in the rain


This is the space you are looking for and it was here waiting for you all along. Its inside you and all you need to do is to say YES.

“When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she always had been. But she had wings.” Dean Jackson

Moments of Gratitude

I know that I am choosing differently. I’m doing my daily gratitude practice just before I go to sleep so I finish on a positive and drift into my dreams. I didn’t get a journal but chose to use my iPad as I knew I was looking for something that fitted in with my life. I’m an iPad addict, I’ll admit it but the convenience and having the world at my finger tips is such fun. I chose to go simple after exploring the options and chose the free joyful journal app as I love things that are simple and effective. I admit that the word joyful also drew me in. I’m reinforcing the good bits and choosing again when I slip back into old patterns. 

I’ve begun doing something my daughter Lizzie suggested which is such a powerful shift. Next time you are late for something, or someone has had to wait for you, pause for a moment. The immediate action is to say sorry I’m late. A normal response I know but what Lizzie suggested was to flip it and to say ‘thank you for waiting’. I loved this because I know that small shifts are powerful when we actually implement them. Thank you when said from the heart is complete in itself but sorry often needs something more as an acknowledgement of a wrong action.

Yes, of course I say sorry when needed but most of the time it it is about acknowledging someone else rather than mending something that is broken. Thank you has a way of warming the receivers heart as well as the givers and does not hold the self blame that can often sits behind sorry. Sorry should be reserved for when you have made a mistake and are healing a wound that you have caused your in some way. Thank you links back to being grateful and gratitude is such a beautiful, uplifting vibration.

Fly, dance, drift, soar

Fly an original A4 mixed media artwork on watercolor paper by Cheryle Bannon©


  1. Breathe and be aware of where you are: your breathe is the easiest way to come back to this moment 
  2. Be thankful and notice what you love:focusing on the good you want more of in your life
  3. Start a gratitude journal: whatever fits into your world easily so it is do-able daily.
  4. Say thank you as often as you can: it warms the heart for both giver and receiver
  5. Be gentle on yourself as we are always learning: Forgive yourself when things don’t work out and say sorry when needed.
  6. Set your intention: Start the day with an intention for the emotion you want in your day 
  7. Pay attention to your emotions: they are your personal emotional  guidance system that tells you when you are on or off track,.
  8. Be yourself: dance and sing and just enjoy the possibilities in the moment and look for joy because the more you seek the more you will find.
  9. Remember you have wings: We are here to bring light so be the light in each space you are in and let your joy be infectious.
  10. Wonder and curiosity: Go through your day with an attitude of wonder and curiosity. See through the eyes of a child and ask what if…

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