i have been working on a large painting with 5 faces. I have reached that point where I just needed to let it sit for awhile until I was ready for the next move. So I go to my studio and distractedly clean and can’t settle as I wanted to work on the large piece…it is not happening so I shift to the smaller pallet paintings that I always have in the wings. I seem to be painting a lot of owls lately and this one is partcularly quirky-cute. Sometimes I need to play with the things around me…what seems like distractions are the actions that take me to the next step in the process. I had brought some Golden high flow acrylics and had lots of fun exploring their potential and realised that working on this owls I was playing with possibilities. It felt like this piece seemed less precious and this was what was needed to help free my temporary block. I needed to complete something, no matter how small. So here is the result of my play time.

Watching the world turn

Watching the world turn

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