tranquility of trees launch

Welcome to this online opening –

Sharing art stories to nurture your wild soul…

Pause into the spirit of nature, exploring the tranquility of trees as you wander through these meditative treescapes.

I’m so glad you’re here exploring those spaces that ground us and help bring balance. Creating these treescapes brought back some fun and energy and yet many of these also have a sense of calm. Perhaps we all need both.

2 different launches-online and in person as we navigate new ways of sharing and enjoying those creative spaces.

St Kilda Affordable Art Show
Tranquility of Trees minis


Launching December 2nd, 2021

These began with an intention to paint in a way that helped me connect with the spaces in nature that fill me up and offer balance, flow, and guidance. This exploration in nature through this intuitive process of layers and mixed media offered a new sense of freedom. As I imagined stepping into these tranquil places where trees offered sanctuary and pause within the uncertainty of these times. During the lockdown, I desired to be in these spaces as I explored my local area and longed for the peace of nature and trees. 

Visiting my elderly father allowed me to be near the Yarra river trail where I found mindful connection and inspiration. I think after lockdown we were looking for a sense of something new and a way to reconnect with our environment and find balance. Creating these pieces was a way to share and experience some fun and energy that lives in these treed places and also have a sense of calm and tranquility that is innately healing. Perhaps we all need both.

I hope you enjoy browsing… just click the image to see purchase details and more images for each painting. These small mini mixed media paintings on handmade Khadi paper are small treasures to transport you into these spaces that nurture the soul and connect you to the beauty of nature. If you are local to me in Glen Eira message me if you would prefer to collect from me.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a question about a painting you see.


I'm excited to be sharing art in the real world

Launching 2 of my Tranquility of Trees small canvas pieces at Space2b at the St Kilda Affordable Art Show. See the art live at 144 Chapel Street St Kilda from December 2nd -2021 to January 29th 2022. Sales through the gallery or contact me directly with any questions.  I’m always happy to connect. 

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I’m excited to introduce my Tranquility of Trees Collection with these 2 small canvas pieces on show at Space2b at 144 Chapel Street St Kilda.

  • The exhibition runs from December 1st, 2021 to January 29th, 2022.
  • Opening night is on Thursday, December 2nd from 6- 8 pm
  • Visit and explore these unique artworks and many others in this group show.
  • purchased art collected on Jan 29th at the end of the exhibition or shipping organised – contact me for this option

Part 1 of this layered launch learning as I navigate the online and real-world platforms. I do love sharing the opportunity to see these pieces in person and connecting with many other Melbourne artists.

2 small Tranquility of Trees works on canvas 

Gratitude Earth

The experience of separation from each other during 2020 and 2021 has filled me with gratitude for all the natural spaces that support our wellbeing and give us that sense of connection.
This original expressive mixed media artwork is about the healing energy and sanctuary of being in these natural spaces and the trees that give us sanctuary. This piece is part of the Tranquility of trees collection that is about those mindful spaces of listening and connecting to the healing wisdom of nature.


Exhibition Purchase: $275


Places where my soul sings

Within the shelter of trees, the light sparkles and everything feels alive and growing. The playful layers of acrylic paint transport us to imagine places where these whimsical trees offer beautiful energy of aliveness bringing centered grounded and mindful connection. These are the places where my soul sings.

Exhibition Price: $225

Gratitude Eaerth
Places where my soul sings
Tranquility of Trees canvas art

I’m happy to announce a growing collection of merchandise made from my Tranquility of Trees collection

I will add more in the following days – for now, I have added merchandise for these 2 small canvas pieces. Follow the link and explore and while you are there feel free to look at some of my earlier work.

Redbubble has become a historical archive in so many ways as I have been with them for decades. These unique options make the perfect Christmas gifts if you are seeking smaller options.

tree art products
gratitude earth products


A series of small works on beautiful hand made A5 paper with deckled edges. These layered stories are about ways to connect and balance as we find our own inner calm and remember our own natural flow. Creating these pieces was all about finding my way back to that sense of flow and ease as nature has a beautiful healing energy. When you can not be amongst the trees, you can remember the beauty of how they make you feel. Connect with me and share your own stories of nature and take a piece home to lighten your everyday spaces.

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Tranquility of Trees

Mini originals – A5 mixed media paintings on hand made paper

Come with me, for a wander through the trees and see what you

discover along the way amidst these growing spaces.

Frames available for all tranquility of tree minis, beautifully float-mounted on these ethically sourced wooden frames with glass protection.

Choose between black, white, cedar, or brown or purchase unframed.

In the presence of Nature

There are spaces that hold a feeling of the sacred that seem to invite us in. We lower our voice, and become still as we pause into the beauty that surrounds us. This presence of nature is about that feeling as we look in wonder at our earth. There is a sense of gratitude for these spaces that fill us up from the inside out and open us to the magic of our surroundings. There is a sense of aliveness here as we enjoy the space of pausing into the moment.

In the presence of nature
In the presence of nature

In the presence of Nature

A5: 14.8 x 21 cm

Purchase: $65




That sense of place

Sometimes it is really all about feeling your way into the spaces that light you up. Pausing long enough to feel your way into that presence of trees and the calm tranquillity they create.


That sense of place

That sense of place

A5: 14.8 x 21 cm



That sense of place

A river runs through her


We are intricately connected to the world around us. There are moments when we are deeply aware of the pulse of life that is these natural openings in nature. The river of life flows through us as it flows within our streams. This is the space to pause and allow the oneness of nature that flows through each of us.

A river runs through her

A river runs through her

A5: 14.8 x 21 cm

Purchase: $65


A river runs through her

The sacred circle

Within the circle of our world, there is a space for rest and renewal. To step into the sacred circle is to honour this natural sanctuary. The river reminds us to allow the flow of life as we rest and replenish in the quiet places.


She listened to the trees


Remember the moments when you have paused to listen. The rustle of wind through the leaves and the swaying of the trees as they bend and flow. These are moments of opening to trust and being one with the spaces that fill us up from the inside out.



This is where I wander

We all have a sense of the spaces that hold us and support us. Those places in nature that we are drawn to, that invite us to explore and wonder. These are wandering spaces that hold a special magic.



This is where I wander

There are places that hold a special place in our hearts that call us back time and again. We feel connected, safe and supported. Here is where our world opens up for us. This A5 mixed media mini is here to remind you to pause into these spaces and allow these tranquil spaces to fill your cup.