Cho Ku Rei Jewellery: Connection

Harmony is that feeling of a connected world where life has a flow and ease.  Wearing the Cho Ku Rei Reiki jewellery is about aligning to this energy and inviting more of it into your life. Combining natural earth elements to create a piece to treasure or a unique gift to share.

This pendant/talisman is hand made through a layered process combining the beaten copper wire and polished shell encased in resin.

  • Artist: Cheryle Bannon
  • Title: Harmony
  • Materials: Abalone shell, copper wire, resin, ball chain
  • Size: 3 x 3 cm
  • Ball Chain length: 75cm



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Reiki jewellery


Reiki Power Symbol Jewellery

Connect to the beautiful healing flow of Reiki with your personal Cho Ku Re necklace.

The Cho Ku Rei is the Power symbol that is considered to be the light switch to connect to the flow of energy.

Each piece is lovingly handmade and attuned to Reiki healing energy and is the perfect talisman (protection) and amulet (raise your vibration) to help you stay connected and aligned to your energy and this guided universe.


This piece is titled connection and is about being connected to the energy of life that surrounds us. There is a flow and ease when we allow the connections in our world to hold us and we recognise the layers of connections that form our world. The gentle interlacing of shapes within the shell creates a bridge that holds us in this shared energy. Raise your vibration and open to universal healing energy as you explore the connections to the stories that shape our world. What spaces bring you joy, or add that special magic to your life? Connect into those stories and be reminded of the unity and healing in the connections we make.

This necklace amulet becomes a touchstone reminder of this guided life and the connection to the natural world. This small amulet piece holds the energy of harmony that is the resonance of life evolving. As we call harmony into our life we find ourselves relaxing into the beauty of this moment as acceptance and love live here. Harmony is a heart wish for ease and flow as life feels connected and in alignment.

The necklace ball chain rests between your solar plexus ( 3rd Chakra of self-esteem – transformation) and the heart chakra ( 4th Chakra-unconditional love and joy) connecting and raising your personal power into heart centred action.

Item Overview

  • Material: abalone shell, copper wire, resin, reiki symbol
  • Necklace length: 75 cm
  • Pendant height: 3 cm
  • Pendant width: 3 cm
  • Can be personalised: Yes
  • Delivers worldwide – free shipping Australia wide. Standard Australia Post shipping internationally.

Item Details

Cho Ku Rei, in Reiki, is the Power Symbol, the key that opens access to the Universal Energy. This symbol has the power to amplify energy and restore strength. Known as the light switch the Cho Ku Rei has a protective aura over the one that wears it. The horizontal line represents the energy source, the vertical line represents the energy flow and the seven intersection points of the spiral show the line of energy flow that represents the seven chakras.

As a reiki healer, I embed each piece with reiki energy that is combined with the energy of the natural shells and copper wire. The copper wire is symbolically linked to the Goddess Venus and carries this feminine energy.

Wearing this symbol is about healing and connection to universal guidance and invites a clear flow of energy. These elegant pieces are beautiful personal talismans that inspire positive energy and flow.

I have learnt to trust my heart as I explore creative ways of sharing through this intuitive process. These pieces can be worn with either side showing as there is no front or back. The spiral within the loop is both growth and an infinity symbol.

The four elements

I have desired to create unique reiki jewellery for over a decade and exploring ways to create these energy pieces is a joyful process. It has taken time to find a way to create a design that resonated with the energy of these unique healing pieces and the power of the Reiki Cho Ku Rei energy. The combination of the water-energy of the shells, with the earth energy of the copper and its feminine symbolism, felt right.

The combination of the 4 elements has naturally evolved in the development of these healing pieces. They form a natural balance of the elements as the copper grounds us in earth energy, the shell connects to our emotions of water and the resin is cured by heat and connects to the fire element of passion. The air element is the Reiki energy within this piece. The beaten copper metal symbolizes the power of transformation.


Copper is considered a feminine metal and used in the conducting of energy in our homes. Our bodies need copper and, our body does not produce it naturally. it needs to be taken in from external sources. Copper is found in many foods that you eat, including beans, nuts, seeds and seafood . Your body stores copper in your bones and muscles.

The lovely thing is that you can easily introduce copper to your body by wearing copper jewellery. It is said that wearing copper jewellery aids in the movement of energy within your body and is useful in soothing pains, headaches, and arthritis by stimulating circulation.

  • ** However, metaphysical descriptions and healing properties of copper are not meant to replace medical advice or treatments. **

The process

The pendant/talisman is hand made through a layered process combining the beaten copper wire and polished shell encased in resin. A 30cm ball chain that allows the Cho Ku Rei to sit over your solar plexus chakra which is you personal power chakra amplifying the connected energy to the Reiki Power Symbol.

This wearable piece, please treat it with love as it is weather resistant but not waterproof so please remove when you’re bathing or going swimming.

  • 100 % Handmade item
  • Original ChoKuRei  Power symbol is hand shaped and activated
  • Hammered copper wire
  • Copper Jewellery Symbolism and benefits

These pieces being highly reflective and the colours dance across the surface. Every jewellery piece is individually handcrafted and unique. The colours might slightly be different depending on your display settings.

Happy to customize exclusively for you, contact me to share your vision.

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I hope this piece brings you much joy as you wear it as a touchstone to connecting to your intuitive soul stories.

Love and Blessings,


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