Wild Wisdom

I am the dreamer of dreams. I am the one who calls to the inner wild wisdom that sets me free as Earth greets the soul. In nature, connecting to the beating heart of a world of messengers along the way. This is my healing space, my home and sanctuary as I seek a way through to light my way.

The special connections of nature and wild spaces fill us up and bring us into those joyful places of being. We step into the beauty of being in these sacred spaces that bring this feeling of joy and light to our everyday world.

 This double-thick canvas painting is a story of the connection we hold to our animal companions as guides along the way. 

Original artwork by Cheryle Bannon

Acrylic on canvas
Size: 75 x 75 cm

Price: $1300

This work is also available as a limited edition print.
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This work is also available on a wide variety of merchandise.
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