This little koala is sitting below his treetop sanctuary, vulnerable and seems to be waiting for something as she looks outward. She needs our support and protection as disease and fire have culled their population.

These endangered souls remind us to be present in our environment. These unique Australian bush mammals are chilled out most of the time unless they feel threatened and then their wild nature can be heard as loud grunting sound. This is the exception to their connected relaxed attitude in their home high up in the gumtree branches. They focus on what they love and choose to be and enjoy the flow of eating and chilling.

They remind us to cherish our home space and be relaxed in our environment.

A perfect addition to a child’s room, desk inspiration, a reading nook or as a unique gift.

This small mixed media art piece is painted on A4 300 gsm watercolour paper.

Original work by Cheryle Bannon

Acrylic on watercolour paper
Size: 30 x 41 cm A3

Price: $275

This work is also available as a limited edition print.
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This work is also available on a wide variety of merchandise.
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