This Sacred Earth

This Sacred Earth

I love creating these small whimsical owls that are playful and invite me to step into curiosity. The owl is all about trusting our world and being able to see our life from so many different perspectives. This close-up moment of connection is all about trusting her world and the energy within this sacred space.
I get busy doing so often that I forget to take the time to pause and just enjoy and connect with my world. My daily walks help me to pause and step back into these connected spaces and remember that I am walking on this sacred Earth.

This little owl is connected to her world as she looks out at us in curiosity and wonder. She trusts her world and is at home in the flow of the space surrounding her. She does not need to be or do anything as she knows that this is a guided space. The moon is full and open and awakening something new in her world. The mist wraps around her, holding, welcoming, and supportive.

There is a deep sense of trust and flow in connecting to that inner wisdom that is intuitive and instinctual. This intimate moment within this art piece brings a sense of magic and energy that reminds us to pause and be present in the flow of the world around us.

This small round painting is layered with transparent details, gold leaf, paint, and storytelling that invites you into this world of magic and possibilities. The resin coating creates a beautiful flow of pigment colours creating a magical effect. The image wraps around the edges in this unique ready to hang art piece.

Bring a sense of calm connection into that special corner of your home as you connect to curiosity and wonder.

An original mixed media acrylic and resin painting on  20 x 20 cm round wooden panel by Cheryle Bannon©.

Ready to hang with image wrapping around the edges of the panel.

Price: $210


This work is also available on a wide variety of merchandise.
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