Patterns of Curiosity

Patterns of Curiosity

Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

Owl is a constant companion, spirit guide, and a regular focus of my art. I love the way they observe the world with so much curiosity inspiring new questions. This is the ability to interact and trust the world around us.

Owl is covered in marks and shapes of patterns that flow through the feathers. Each mark is a question, a pause, a wondering that owl invites. An answer is an invitation to the next question and a new way of seeing.

These small details are the marks of this unique story. The layers of color build gentle energy in this piece that invites us in. Bold marks build the complexity of the quilt-like story of her feathers. The image wraps around the edges as the story continues.

Owl wisdom is a lovely energy to have in your home, offering space for openings to questions that inspire a sense of ease and presence.

An original acrylic painting on  46 x 46 cm double thick canvas by Cheryle Bannon©.

Price: $590


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