Merged into the flow

Several years ago, I was blessed with the experience of swimming with these beautiful creatures off Gilli Island.

I wondered how to capture the essence of what I had experienced. Not clear like a photo but with a sense of overlays of water and movement that captures the feeling of being in their world. The flow, ease and grace of movement through water was what I wanted to capture. There was such grace, ease and delight in sharing their world. The patterns and colours merged with the flow of water as they effortlessly moved through their world.

These beautiful green sea turtles remind me of the importance of being in harmony with my environment and allowing life to flow around me as I move into the varied spaces of my world.

Original artwork by Cheryle Bannon©.

Mixed media acrylic on watercolour paper
Size: 29.5 x 42 cm cm

Price: $275

This work is also available as a limited edition print.
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