Wombat wisdom…grounded stability of heart and home…Colours dance in the early morning light.

Wombat is out exploring but is never far from home. She is all about grounding and inner trust as you create your world. There is a real sense of security and stability in wombat energy.

I remember a night walk at Wilson’s Prom and this loud rumble and quickly moving out of the way. The message is to never get between a wombat and there burrow home. Usually thought of as slow, stable and grounded, they also have a strong protective nature. Secretive and aware of their environment they clearly see what surrounds them.

I feel that I need this grounding energy that is about home, protection and seeing clearly into the secret spaces. I connect to the stories of stable energy and wisdom they share as they remind me to trust and play and the love of home spaces.

This original watercolour painting on 300 gsm A3 watercolour paper reminds us to trust that inner wisdom as we connect to our joy in our world and our home. Ready frame as an inspirational soul art story. A unique gift and perfect for a small study nook, reading corner or a child’s bedroom.

An original mixed media painting on  300gsm A3 watercolour paper by Cheryle Bannon©.

Size:42 X 29.7cm – A3.

Price: $275

This work is also available as a limited edition print.
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This work is also available on a wide variety of merchandise.
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