Her Garden Blooms

Flowers grow and intertwine as they reach towards the energy of sunlight in these bright corners of the garden. These are the spaces that surprise and delight us in their wild beauty. As I explore the energy of flowers, I feel the dance of sunlight between the layers as an opening to a sense of freedom and discovery.

These wildflowers evolved from a black base beginning as explorations and different ways to play with the idea of flowers and express that feeling of playful wildness.

Flowers are a burst of form and color as energy and beauty fill the space.

Flowers have a way of bringing light and a sense of aliveness into any space. They invite the beauty of nature new into our world, as we explore flowers and celebrate the wonder of nature.

Original work by Cheryle Bannon

Acrylic on canvas
Size: 36 x 65 cm x 3 cm

Price: $590

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