Harmony- the space between breathing

Mixed Media on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed with a certificate of authenticity.

Harmony – The space between breathing

We often think about busy bees rather than feeling into their energy of focus and flow. There is a stillness within their movement between flowers and a sense of ease within the tasks that fill their day. Bees are in harmony with their world and offer us the wisdom of how to find space and flow in our own lives. This bee hovering in the garden between the flowers is that sense of space. It is that space in between the business of gathering and providing and doing. The place where we are present within the moment. This is the feeling of that space of pause, just before we take our next breath. This is what harmony feels like to me and it has a sense of aliveness and energy in its stillness. The flow that is that connected space here in this beautiful Earth Garden offers a sense of life being exactly where it needs to be right now and that the harmony of nature…of life, will find its way forward as each of us choose our own space between.

This small bee painting offers a sacred reminder of the space and harmony within each of us as we take time to notice and pause between breathing. Being mindful as we go into our day and in the present moment.

The artwork was created as a guided intuitive process of color play and mindful connection as I felt my way through the layers and found this bee wanting to take form. Soft colors play against areas of bright contrast. The words add to the story as we step into the garden space and pause in as areas of collage show through and invite us in.

‘The spaces in between’ artwork will bring a sense of connection, flow harmony. These quiet moments between things are pauses and clearings that bring a sense of presence and pause as you breathe into the beauty of this day. These are the spaces of possibilities where harmony lives. These in-between spaces are how we create our ‘sweet little dreams.’