There is a space of recognition, as we discover the warmth of those connected spaces. The understanding that we have a companion to explore our world with. This girl recognises her soul companion as bear and girl share a moment of being in the joy of that connection. This is where the heart remembers her song and life begins to open up.


When bear enters your life as a spirit animal companion, she brings us strength and confidence. Bear has innate healing energy and is often associated with healers and shamans. Bear is at peace with solitude and has grounding energy that brings balance and harmony into your life and is at peace with solitude.

Companion is part of the Earth Guide Collection in the Spirit Animal Series.

This piece is a mixed media painting and is ready to frame as an inspirational soul art story. A unique gift and perfect for a small study nook or a child’s bedroom.

  • Title: Companion
  • Medium: Mixed media acrylic collage on watercolour paper       
  • Size:  9 x 12 inches cm 

An original mixed media acrylic painting on 300 gsm watercolour paper. By Cheryle Bannon©



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