This little owl is on an adventure and ready for anything. Brave is the opposite side of the coin that is fear. She is afraid but chooses brave actions to guide her forward. Bravely claiming her space in her unique way…tentative but here and asking ‘What if?’.
She is here, after all, ready for the next steps, as she bravely steps forward. Small steps are all it takes…one foot in front of the other creates big changes.

Bravely is part of the Spirit Animal collection in my Whimsical Owl Wisdom series.
This piece is a mixed media piece on A4 watercolour paper and is ready to frame as an inspirational soul art story. A unique gift and perfect for a small study nook, reading corner or a child’s bedroom.

Acrylic on watercolour paper
Size: 30 x21cm

Price: $135

This work is also available as a limited edition print.
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