And she invited a new beginning

‘And She invited a new beginning’ is part of the ‘Her Landscape – Inner stories/outer worlds’ collection that explores connection stories. This is a story of change and acceptance as the world finds new ways of being and we find our way into the new story.  Archetypes transitions and symbols gather forming her evolving landscape. One common symbol in my art is the girl holding an intuition doll. A beautiful symbol of guidance and listening to inner wisdom from the traditional story of the Doll in her pocket of Vasalisa the Wise retold by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

The question is what part of the image calls to you. Are you the one giving or receiving, are you being supported and guided or are you looking off into the distance and imagining new horizons.

She is this landscape; viewed through a feminine lens inviting you into places of the heart where your own story lives.

This 75 x 75 cm round canvas is layered with at least 10 layers of acrylic paint, ink, collage, grey lead, black biro that build the energy within the image.

She is about stepping into new spaces that are about compassion, acceptance, and heart-opening places and she is ready to receive. Invite this positive energy into your home and add some light to your home.

A perfect addition to highlight a wall space and add inspiration to your day.

Original work by Cheryle Bannon

Price: $1500

And she invited a new beginning