The Tranquility of Trees

The idea of trees as a sanctuary for magic and light to enter into our story delights me. As I explored the idea of trees as tranquil calm spaces this image emerged. The trees are home to so many stories that are magical connections.
The forest and the trees open up worlds where the imagination can play. The young girl closes her eyes and allows the magic of this connection to flow through her. The girl and horse feel like they have stepped into reality from this imagining.

This small diptych is an invitation into those spaces of light, connection, and guidance as we remember what it feels like to play and imagine a world…

Each small canvas works perfectly on its own and the story is completed together. The layers of color build this connected energy as we step into spaces of calm in this forest glade. A perfect piece to brighten a child’s room and fill that special corner with magic and connection.

Imagine a world is a story of connection that is ready to frame. A unique gift and perfect to brighten a small space in a child’s bedroom.

An original mixed media painting diptych on 2 xs 20.3 x 20.3 double-thick 4 cm canvases – 8 x 8 inches

Price: $280