Art is the part of me that makes sense as I navigate my world. It is ‘the journey’ through which I explore and seek to shed light on my own becoming through narrative layered imagery and words that emerge spontaneously through exploration.

My art has so many layers just like me. Narrative journeys expose and open me to look deeper at the moments around me and within me. This breathing in, re-interpreting and re-forming through art and the release of the viewers gaze is the energy that allows.

I am a seeker and my eye never ceases as I search for meaning that calls me to respond. The archetypal feminine is central to the imagery. I am inspired by history and the images of women it portrays. The feminine mystique is layered and complex and provides an infinite amount of possibilities to explore possible worlds and the stories they hold.

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This FREE gift from Cheryle Bannon is an invitation to playfully open to your Wild Soul Creative dreaming.


‘Her dreams took flight’ reminds us to be open to our own wild dreams because when they have wings and will take us to unexpected places and open us up to new worlds. My wish for you is that you be open to all that you are; remembering that you are guided and blessed as you open a heart space to possibilities of something more. 


Art is an intuitive process. I see an image that inspires me and ideas begin to bounce off each other as the image forms.

Cheryle Bannon

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