An invitation to play


Owl Painting Play

I have had the joyful privilege of leading workshops for some amazing souls as they connect with their inner wisdom and remember how to play. I believe that we are all creative and sometimes all it takes is someone to remind us who we really are. There is so much joy in connecting through this intuitive mixed media art process within a circle of women. We share our adventures as we grow and heal and learn together.s. It is a space of allowing, freedom and play where anything is possible and we remember our wings.

Thank you to all the wild souls who have shared the adventure of playful mixed media art and made space in their lives to nurture their creative souls.


Dear Cheryle,
my sincere and heartfelt gratitude for organising this wonderful play date. I have never felt very creative but after this session I feel very creative but after this session I feel very inspired and look forward to using my pack at home. I will treasure the lessons. Thanks again, Maria, Glen Waverly Australia

Hi Cheryle
I really enjoyed the workshop. Cheryle guided us through the process and supported us in making our creations. I did not think I would be able to make something as creative and special as I did. I am very proud of my piece. Thanks for supporting and guiding me to find my whimsical owl!

Miriam C, Melbourne

Hi Cheryle,
Thank you very much for today! Not only was the task perfect timing for my ‘soul’ and right up my avenue for what to do on a rainy day….. But, for me, it was a delightful way to reconnect with my new friends on a creative space.

Caroline W, Australia

Cheryle’s generous sharing of her studio space and playful art-making ideas have opened me up to being more confident and adventurous in my artistic endeavors. Her warm and optimistic encouragement to trust and explore has been a blessing I carry with me as I continue to be an artist exploring possibilities.

Sue B, Castlemaine, Vic.
I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday with friends, in Cheryle’s art studio, learning how to create a picture using mixed media. It was a little difficult to let go at first but under Cheryle’s patient guidance I used automatic writing, collage, paint and other techniques to make this picture, which Mathew has already claimed for his room ?It was a great way of getting out of my logical, mathematical planning frame and I reclaimed some of the glee we had as children when we take a risk.I already have plans to make a rainbow fish for my next venture! And, yes I know that has put me back in the planning frame of mind but at least it is for fun not work 🙂

Julie, East Bentleigh

Check out this group if you would like to do something similar https://www.facebook.com/groups/1019883301447097/