Playful Printmaking Layers: Videos

Intuitive Art : videos

There are many ways to begin a whimsical owl painting or any intuitive artwork for that matter. I will alwastart with a set intention. The following are a series of videos about my whimsical owl Process. One of the many Wild Soul Creativity processes that are joyful ways to build layers.

Video 1: An intro to my Playful Printmaking demonstration.


The start of my demo and really why I love printmaking. It is such a lovely way to add all those gorgeous unique layers. Join me in my upcoming Whimsical Owl Workshop (WOW) and discover how to create your own whinsicalnowls through this playful process.

Posted by Cheryle Bannon Art on Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Video 2: demonstration layered background to whimsical owl painting.


Stepping through the process of completing this mixed media whimsical owl piece. Almost complete.

Posted by Cheryle Bannon Art on Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Step by step Playful Printmaking techniques

Video 3: Playful Printmaking layers >  A3 painting start to finish. This piece could’ve taken further but the intention was to demonstrate a simple, playful use of hand made stencils, collage and transparent layers to create unique layers and imagery.

A playful mixed media piece using hand cut stencils. Lots of layered printing possibilities. Demo tomorrow at the Artshed in Moorabbin.
Love to see you there.

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Video 4: Foam sheet stencils


Another playful video showing one of many printmaking techniques that create lovely layers…enjoy…more possibilities at the Artshed n Saturday 15.

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