SELF LOVE OFFERING with Cheryle Bannon

The reality is that we all want more space for joy and connection within our lives. Life gets busy and we get out of balance so my wish for you is that you discover your own heart wishes and a simple action that will help you step into those good feelings that help you find flow and balance in your life.

This offering is big I know but you have as long as you like to play… often we want small steps that don’t take up too much time. My suggestion to you is to treat this offering like a smorgasbord. You could go straight to the desert and create your heart wishes vision or you could choose to explore what your heart wants by using the heart wishes workbook. You may decide to use the templates and create heart affirmations and that is all you need to be happy. Do what feels best and makes you feel loved and happy. The heart wishes include 2 feeling wishes and an action wish and the workbook will guide you to what your heart really wants. Questions, wondering and a clear intention will support you every step of the way,

Enjoy your discoveries along the way, smile and be gentle with yourself as you nourish your inner world and allow your heart to guide your path.


I pause take a few deep breathes and start again. I ask for guidance and I already know that there are lots of ways to show you this playful guided art process. I have new ideas as I slip back into that space of trust.
I begin by choosing materials that I hope most of you will have around the house or find easy to purchase. I want this to be easy and fun and to give you a way to vision your life from a feeling focus.

Materials list

Old magazines, wrapping paper or collage paper and old cards.
grey lead pencil
Glue stick or plastic store card and impasto medium
Brown paper bag…preferably the thick store gift bags                                                                                                                                 A3 or A4 paper….your preference but A3 is an easier size to explore.
Printable heart templates and heart questions.
Journal or notebook

Through this heart centered art adventure, I intend to guide you as you connect to your inner wisdom and the feelings that you want to have in your life. This is a heart visioning practice to have more of your wished for feelings in your life.


Our feelings guide us through our lives but we do not always listen to our feelings as they guide us through our days. We get so busy and it is easy to forget to check in to those inner spaces. My wish for you  is that you start to choose the feelings you want in your life. We become our feelings by default so I’m wondering how much easier your life would be if you began to choose your feelings and then when you slipped out of them, you chose again. Of course you need to be clear on the feelings that you desire in the first place but this is the intention of this adventure. Smile, connect and get ready for a playful adventure into you and your heart.



Automatic writing is sometimes called stream of consciousness. It doesn’t really matter what you call it as it does the same thing. It allows you to bypass the conscious mind and begins a process of trust as you allow the words to flow uncensored.In your journal write down any messages, feelings, images or ideas that you received to answer the questions in your journal and record your heart breathe meditation experience. Choose whatever feels best.You may choose to go straight to the heart and write on the heart templates or brown paper gift bag heart. The image below links to the templates so you can step into your feelings and allow those wished for feelings to flow onto the page

heart template e-bookWHOLEHEARTED FEELINGS.

It is time to create so be playful every step of the way and smile as you imagine yourself being those feelings that you most wish for in your life.
Draw a large heart on your brown paper shopping bag (use the heart template if you wish). Cut out 2 hearts as you will need the second heart layer.

Inside the heart I want you to write all the feelings that you wish to have in your life. Make some words large and some small. Keep turning the heart around and be playful as you write. You may want to add some patterns and small drawings. there are no rules, just be playful and enjoy playfulłfilling your heart with feelings.

When your heart is full and you feel complete, get out your paper. I am working on A3 watercolor paper. Larger is easier to play with as you explore your feelings and makes a lovely display on completion. Attach your heart to the page either with a glue stick or impasto medium and card. If you are using a glue stick, it is also good to use the plastic store card as it can be run over the top of the image to help remove air bubbles and make sure the paper is well attached to the base. I chose to place my heart slightly to the left of center. Place it wherever it feels best for you.


It is time to get out a stack of your favorite magazines and any collage papers and bits that you love. We are going to search through the magazines to find what we love. Look for large images that will make a great background. I am usually drawn to the colors and patterns. You need both large and small images. Tear out what you love and gather your images. Don’t slip back into your head and question why you like something. If it calls to you tear it out. Also, tear out the feeling words that are about your own heart desires. These are images that show the way you want to feel and are all about connecting to parts of you that you want more of. When you have a good stack of images, clear up your space and have a look at your choices. You will need the second heart shape you cut out so you can trim some of the images. It is fine to let them overlap your main heart shape as the energy of your intention is in the art layers.


Get comfortable and close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing as you allow yourself to slow down and be in this moment. If you are aware of any tightness in your body breathe into it and let it go as you breathe in and out as you let your breath flow. Take 3 long deep breathes as you connect with you and imagine each breathe flowing in and out of your heart center. Now that you are in your heart space I want you to imagine your world. Anything is possible in this space and you can choose what you want to make your own.
From your heart space I want you to ask your heart a few questions and pay attention to any feelings or sensations in your body, thoughts or images that arise. This is your emotions guiding you and usually the first thought, feeling or knowing you receive is the right one so trust that your heart knows your wishes. Ask the inner you these questions.

  • What do I really want for me?
  • How would this feel?
  • What do I need to do?

Self love is trusting that our heart knows what we truly want. Trust that you already know the answers and relax as you keep breathing in and out. If you feel like you don’t know the answer or are feeling uncertain, ask yourself ‘ what if I did know?, what would it be? – how would I really want to feel.? What if I did know what to do to feel that way? What would my answer be?
Trust that you will get an answer and know f it doesn’t come straight away that it will come. Perhaps you will just know as you start to write so be open to any ideas or thoughts that arise.

Smile and keep breathing. Trust that you know how you really want to feel. When you have a sense of your answers, say thank you and open your eyes as you slowly come back into the room.


It is time to gather your scissors and brown paper bag. Cut out 2 large heart shapes. Use the heart template if it helps but make sure the heart is about a third of the width of the page. You do want lots of room for all those wished for feelings.

Sit quietly as you take 3 long deep centered breathes and begin to write. Use a black biro, a black sharpie and add colour if you wish. Write large and small and let the feelings dance across the heart until it feels complete. Art is all about feelings so enjoy the process and smile as you imagine being these feelings.

A PowerPoint to guide you every step of the way – smile and enjoy your art adventure.

Heart vision collage



Your heart is a direct path to connecting with your feelings and that inner wisdom that guides our choices.

I often check in and ask myself “ heart or head” as I know that my feelings are guiding me to where I really want to be. It helps to imagine what the best day of your life would feel like. Your feelings are your emotional guidance system as Abraham/ Hicks remind us. Your feelings guide your every action so that the better you feel, the more aligned you are to what you really desire in life. So pause and check in with your heart and name what you are feeling now. Answer the following questions in your journal.


When we pause to look into our inner world, we can be unsure of what we will find. This is a process of trusting that your heart will always guide you to where you truly want to go. As you begin to imagine the feelings that you wish for ask your heart what do I really want to feel? Pay attention to your feelings and trust that the first thought is usually the one that is right for you. How are your wished for feelings different from how you now feel? What would it take to shift into the feelings of your perfect day? Remember this is about what makes you feel most connected to that inner you.
What feeling do you really want to feel more often?
How is your life different when you are living from these feelings?

What small actions could you take today to help you feel this way more often?

Explore the workbook as you discover questions to guide you to the feelings that you want more of in your life and your personal inner connections,

heart questions pdf

Set up your art materials in a space where you feel comfortable and create a space where you can connect and explore your inner world. This is your space to create and play so make sure you won’t be disturbed and are in a quiet space. We are going to step into our heart space and find our feeling wishes waiting there. This is a way to connect to your heart and step into your inner wise self so smile, breathe and have fun.


Look through your images and decide which ones you want to use. It helps to start with a larger background piece and add other images around that. I used a red tree image as trees are symbols of dreaming possibilities for me so of course they called to me. I played with the position of some larger images and then I started to glue them down. Some images felt like they needed to overlap so I let them. I trimmed some images using the second heart template shape so they would fit well around the big feeling heart. I did need to find a few extra images so it is fine to go back and forth as you look through the magazines and keep going. I had also cut out lots of feeling words that I added to some of the spaces where paper showed through. I love that I wanted to put the words next to the really confident empowered women image. It felt right so that’s what I did. Follow your feelings until the image is complete.


You have sent your heart vision out to the universe and it is listening but we all need help staying focused and on purpose.
Wayne Dyer has written about the I Am understandings. I Am is a universal name for God and a prayer to the universe acknowledging that guidance. When we make I am statements we are claiming whatever comes after the statement s ready true. As we want to manifest our heart wishes, we are using the I am to acknowledge these feelings as part of who we are. Our ban believes what we tell it and we start to believe it and step into that person.t

Enough theory on affirmations bits. It is time to complete the workbook and add our own I am statements with each of our feelings and our desired action. Repeat your I am affirmations regularly and as you do reach for that heart feeling. If you are not in that feeling space take one small action to get you closer to it.
You may want to add a few more actions along the way but keep it simple to start with.

I AM……………………
I AM……………………
I AM…………………...

These are my affirmations are my 2 feeling heart wishes of TRUST and JOY and my one action heart wish to LISTEN. My intention is to regularly check in with my feelings and by listening to my intuitive guidance, I step closer to that feeling. I have included an emotional guidance scale to help you see the feelings and how they go from lower feelings to higher. If you are depressed, you will not get to joy in one action but the more you practice your affirmations and take small actions, the closer you will be to that person who lives in the feeling spaces you wish for. Place your heart wishes where you will see them regularly. Write them on the corner of your page when you are in a space where you know that there is someplace you would rather be.

Step into those feelings of your heart wishes as often as possible and let your action heart wish take you closer to those ideal feeling spaces.

I AM trust        I AM joy      I AM listening




I am so grateful that you joined me for this heart visioning collage. I hope you had fun and enjoyed the process.
If you are interested in more joyful spiritual art processes then do explore my website or join me for weekly spaces to create in my Facebook group – Wild Soul Creativity or my Facebook page Cheryle Bannon Art.

If you are interested in working with me further explore my workshop and small group Artist’s Soul Discovery Circle or my art mentoring.

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Love and blessings on your journey,